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St. Louis Comedy Profile: Chris Denman & Travis Terrell

St. Louis Comedy, We Are Live, PodcastChris Denman and Travis Terrell host “We Are Live!”, a radio show/podcast based in St. Louis. “We Are Live” has become a major supporter of the local comedy scene, while also providing some incredible interviews with national performers. Their site (listed below) is full of audio and video guaranteed to entertain you.

st. louis comedy, bare knuckle comedy

St. Louis Comedy Profile: Bare Knuckle Comedy

st. louis comedy, bare knuckle comedyYou can’t talk about comedy in St. Louis without talking about Bare Knuckle Comedy.  The organization is one of the longest running comedy troupes in the city, producing podcasts, sketch shows, stand up shows, and shows that really can’t be easily described.  Tonight (Friday July 8, 2016) their anniversary show with Ron Lynch, at Foam Coffee and Beer.

st. louis stand up comedian jon venegoni

St. Louis Comedy Profile: Jonathan Venegoni

st. louis stand up comedian jon venegoniJonathan Venegoni is a triple threat in the St. Louis arts scene.  He’s a talented stand up comedian. He’s a talented musician. And, he has the most recognizable head of hair in the city.  Until recently he was the host of Fitz’s Comedy Night, the longest running independent open mic in the St. Louis area.

St. Louis Podcaster, Shane Presley

St. Louis Comedy Profile: Shane Presley

St. Louis Podcaster, Shane PresleyShane Presley is the host of Rock Paper Podcast, where he interviews musicians and comedians in the St. Louis area (as well as some who are just passing through).  Shane’s a major supporter of the St. Louis arts scene, and every week publishes a nearly comprehensive list of shows taking place in the area on the Rock Paper Podcast Facebook page.

St. Louis Stand Up Comedy Stryker Spurlock

St. Louis Comedy Profile: Stryker Spurlock

Of all the stand up comics we asked to complete these profiles, Stryker Spurlock used the most words, and actually complained that he couldn’t self promote more.  He’s going to go far.  He’s part of a lot of projects in the St. Louis area, but can be found monthly at Contraceptive Comedy, a showcase he