St. Louis Comedy Profile: Hootin’ and Hollerin’ Comedy Open Mic

hootin and hollerin open micIt’s been a few weeks since Patrick Trowbridge and Eric Brown announced their new open mic, Hootin’ and Hollerin’ Comedy Open Mic. Since then, the show has literally taken on a life of its own as the show’s Twitter account has become sentient, and has taken on a Walther Matthauesque attitude toward the world.

Ella Fritts: Street Person

Waste Some Time With #STLComedy

Whether you’re sitting in a cubicle somewhere, hiding in a walk-in freezer, or quietly weeping as you sit in a parked car crying over the fact that you’ve been lying to your family about going each morning to a job you were fired from over a month ago, you’d probably rather be doing something else.  Luckily, #STLComedy’s full of people with projects to help you out.