Mardi Gras, Shmardi Gras – Shows 2/25/17

If you’re looking to really laissez au bon temps rouler tonight, instead of a reason to just yell “Whodat?” and do shots out of your friends crotchial region, St. Louis Comedy has a great show for you in O’Fallon, Missouri.

O’Fallon Out Loud is Andy Hamilton’s monthly showcase at Rendezvous Cafe and Wine Bar.  These shows are always good enough to be in any club, but you get to see them in the comfort of a great space with wide range of food and drinks to enjoy.

Bonus points, you won’t step in vomit on your way to the car.





St. Louis Comedy Profile: Ron Finger

Ron Finger is an interesting person. In the St. Louis comedy scene, he’s known for saying some pretty outrageous things, with no fear whatsoever. But, even though he’s sometimes saying the most horrible things you can imagine, he’s smiling so much you’re almost certain to forgive yourself for laughing. This has made him a regular this past year on Helium Comedy’s Wednesday showcases. Especially, their monthly Dirty Show. Continue reading “St. Louis Comedy Profile: Ron Finger”