Upcoming Show: Mom Show! 5/13/17 at Blueberry Hill

Kelsey McClure returns to #STLComedy with Mom Show! at Blueberry HillNot too long ago, the only comprehensive source for information about upcoming comedy shows, and the St. Louis comedy scene in general was a site called Comedy in the Lou, run by local comic and Fitz’s Open Mic founder, Kelsey McClure,  until she left St. Louis.  Now, she’s back after wandering the Earth for a couple of years, and she’s bringing a unique show to Blueberry Hill.   Continue reading “Upcoming Show: Mom Show! 5/13/17 at Blueberry Hill”

Nevermind North Korea – St. Louis Comedy Show Roundup 4/24-4/30

St. Louis Comedy

North Korea’s doing some stuff. The United States is doing some stuff.  We don’t pretend to understand. What’s a nuclear bomb?  Wikipedia won’t tell you how they’re made. Take your mind off imminent doom with St. Louis comedy. See up and coming comics at an open mic or see touring headliners.  St. Louis comedy really has it all and it’s probably like the fourth target if a nuclear country decides to bomb us.  Oh yeah, and there’s alcohol at a lot of these things!

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The Laugh Lounge Opens This Week

In 2004, in an article about St. Louis comedy powerhouse, Jessie Taylor, there’s a point towards the end of the article where Ben Westhoff writes of Jessie:

“Taylor dreams of opening what he says would be St. Louis’ first black comedy club.”

     – (“What Are You Laughing At”, St. Louis, Riverfront Times, February 4, 2004)

The statement seems prescient, as this week Jessie Taylor announced the soft opening of The Laugh Lounge, his new comedy club.  This new club promises to be home the city thriving urban comedy scene, but Taylor isn’t limiting the reach of his audience or comic base. Continue reading “The Laugh Lounge Opens This Week”

A Word About Open Mics

This may be a little too “inside baseball” for the general comedy fan. As part of our Death Mic 2017  open mic competition, we reached out to Erin Naylor, manager at Helium Comedy’s St. Louis club.  She gave us insight into how independent open mics can work to help comics develop material that’s ready for a comedy club.

So if you’re a comic out there on the grind, take note. And if you’re a comedy fan, this gives you some idea of what you can expect at a local independent open mic, vs. the more organized club open mic.

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Blaze It – St. Louis Comedy Show Roundup 4/17-4/23

Fresh off Easter, it’s time to gather those chocolate bunnies and send part of them to the IRS for tax day, which is on April 18th this year. Most comics probably aren’t even filing taxes, but it’s good to know. Let’s get to the real meat of the week. We still giggle when we hear the numbers 69 and the almighty 420. Cool people will celebrate 4/20 by smoking a fat blunt (Can you tell someone who doesn’t smoke weed wrote this?) and uncool people will spend 4/20 wishing Hitler a happy birthday. Hell, you may even be high and do it by accident. No two pastimes go together better than watching standup comedy and being high. We’re not advocating drug use, but hell, you’re an adult and can do whatever you want.  Also, why have the Easter people not gotten with the 4/20 people and put together the greatest wake and bake holiday the world has ever seen?

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Baseball’s Over – St. Louis Comedy Show Roundup 4/10-4/16

St. Louis Comedy - SLIC Spring

Baseball’s over! Just kidding.  It’s a joke.  It’s not a good one, but we had you for a bit.  No, downtown will still be soaked with Cardinals spirit and Busch beer until the boys of summer have gone home. There’s not a game every night, so what are you going to do? Watch TV, who has the time?  St. Louis comedy is what you need and we have lots of it this week, from open mics to huge independent shows to something somewhere between that.

Leave your house, take in the fresh air, pull up a chair, grab a beer, and listen to comedians.  It’s that easy!

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St. Louis Comedy in the News: STLMag Profiles Eric Brown, Ella Fritts, and JC Sibala

St. Louis Comedy: Fritts, Brown, and SibalaSt. Louis Magazine continues Thomas Crone’s monthly profile of comics at various levels of the  St. Louis comedy scene.  This month, they asked questions of Ella Fritts, JC Sibala, and Eric Brown.  It’s a fun look at their views on the craft of comedy.

We’d be remiss if we didn’t point out each of them stress the importance of open mics in developing material, since we’re in the midst of Death Mic 2017.  Our favorite is Ella’s declaration that:

“I, personally, don’t consider someone a comic until they’ve done open mics for at least three months, no matter what shows you’ve done or what comedy you’ve participated in.”

Shots fired!  Also, we agree.  Get out there and do the work. Here’s a list of open mics.

Read the whole article here.

See Ella Fritts and JC Sibala this Wednesday night on Helium Comedy’s Dirty Show.  Catch Eric Brown with Dave Stone (the comedian, not the Jazz Musician) May 3, at The Monocle.


Opening Week – St. Louis Comedy Show Roundup 4/3-4/9

st. louis comedy - opening week

We’re a baseball town, sure, but don’t let that distract you from all the great St. Louis comedy shows happening this week!  Opening Week is a fun time to watch baseball and see a bunch of your favorite players in games that don’t matter.  There’s a veritable World Series of comedy happening every week where comedians attempt to out play their inner demons and bring joy to the hears of strangers at showcases and open mics in bars all over the city.  Some bars have very soft seats and that’s something to be celebrated right there!

The Cardinals are offering  a deal that lets you into a game to stand in a urinal for $29 a month and we’re out here giving away open mic comedy for free.  You’re guaranteed a seat and won’t get a hot dog thrown at you, unless you ask nicely.

Be a team player and check out this week’s shows!

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