A Word About Open Mics

This may be a little too “inside baseball” for the general comedy fan. As part of our Death Mic 2017  open mic competition, we reached out to Erin Naylor, manager at Helium Comedy’s St. Louis club.  She gave us insight into how independent open mics can work to help comics develop material that’s ready for a comedy club.

So if you’re a comic out there on the grind, take note. And if you’re a comedy fan, this gives you some idea of what you can expect at a local independent open mic, vs. the more organized club open mic.

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Death Mic 2017: An Open Mic Comedy Marathon

St. Louis Comedy - Death Mic

Comics! This one’s for you.

While the job can be fulfilling, every person working to become a professional comic quickly learns that the road to paid gigs is hard.  It’s full of late nights at bar shows, telling joke after joke to semi-interested crowds while you work to get that first set of four to five minutes of solid material just right. Your friends will wonder if you still like them, because you quickly put your social life on hold.  You’ll be tired, because the word “sleep”  quickly becomes its own punchline. This is  “The Grind,” and while it’s grueling and terrible thing, every comic has to endure it, or else they’re sent home packing.

It makes us better performers, so we believe it should be celebrated.

Therefore, St. Louis Independent Comedy happily announces Death Mic 2017, a St. Louis open mic marathon open to any comic who has not had a paid feature or headline performance in a local comedy club.

The Details

There is no entry fee for this competition.  In order to qualify, comics need to attend, and perform at, participating local, comedy-only, open mics during the month of April.  For each performance, comics will receive a point. It’s that simple.  Attend. Perform. Repeat

At the end of the month, we’ll tally the points, and give the 15 comics with the highest score a chance to compete on stage in a competition showcase. We’ll determine the winner through a combination of a panel vote, and audience votes.  Finally, because contests need prizes, first, second, and third place prizes are $250, $100, and $50 respectively.

That’s it.  Between monthly, semi-monthly, bi-weekly, and weekly St. Louis open mic shows, there are about 33 possible points.  Each of the show runners will report back to us with the list of performers after each show.  We’ve posted a list of  qualifying open mics can at this link. We’ve marked the mics “Death Mic 2017 Qualifier.”

We’ll post the details about the competition showcase next week.  So, if you’re a comic, get to work.  If you’re a St. Louis comedy fan, take this opportunity and watch local talent develop (or not) right before your eyes.