Flyover Comedy Festival Performer Profile: Aaron Naylor

We’re taking a minute to show you some of the great performers who’ll be walking the boards of the stages in The Grove for Flyover Comedy Festival.

Aaron Naylor is a stand-up comedian from Kansas City, MO. He won the 2014 Kansas City’s Local Comic Standing, the 2017 Funniest Person in Wichita Competition, placed 2nd in the 2016 Cleveland Comedy Festival, and has performed at SF Sketchfest, Blue Whale Comedy Festival, Cape Fear Comedy Festival, Trial by Laughter, and many other festivals. He has opened for real people who do this for a living.

What are you looking forward to most at the festival this year?

I love St. Louis and the comedians there, so I’m most excited to hang out with all of them and have some goofs

When/where are you performing at the festival?

I’m performing on Friday at The Monocle, and I’m on two shows at The Improv Shop on Saturday.

Give us your social media information!

My Twitter and Instagram is @iamaaronnaylor. My Facebook is my name, hopefully.

Would you rather be covered in spiders, or live in a world without tacos?

I’d rather be covered in spiders because a lot of people like tacos and if I had control over their existence, those people would be mad that I didn’t get covered in spiders.

Do you even lift?

I’m pretty strong for an 8-year old

If you have a pet project, something to promote, or anything you want share, tell us here.

Kansas City comedy is my pet project so come to KC and watch some of it.

See Aaron and all of the other comics joining him at Flyover Comedy Festival, November 8 – November 10 in the Grove.  Wristbands for the entire festival are on sale now.  Buy yours today!