Ear Today, Gone Tomorrow

There was a day a couple of weeks ago where the gang at St. Louis Independent Comedy called into the office and faked strep throat, so we could sit in our dark apartments, drink Pedialyte, and ask ourselves why we feel it’s necessary to try and drink all the Jameson South St. Louis has to offer.  On that day, even the dull blue light of Netflix hurt our eyes, so we all gathered around a single cell phone and listened to local podcasts.  If you missed the rundown of what helped us make it through the day, here’s the list of what you should add to your next mental health day’s playlist.


GirlsplainingGirlsplaining – Improvisors, Kylee Rae Mattoon and Elizabeth Byrd. It’s a great weekly podcast tackling a wide range of geeky topics. Find them on all your audio outlets.








Get BentGetting Bent with Tom Straight – Local open miccer, Tom Straight gets very personal in his interviews with the St. Louis comedy scene.  KWMU or KDHX needs to give Tom a call and book him now.  This should be a weekly show.  Though, we would have called it “Straight Trippin’.”







Drunk and NerdyDrunk & Nerdy – There’s literally hours of entertainment from Nick Branson, Heather Nesbit, and Mike Boyd as they struggle to keep control of their podcast while their guests actively work to derail any conversation.  It’s rowdy and fun, and right at your fingertips.







The Catalogue Podcast – The Catalogue is a podcast, video sketches, and live show written and performed by Joshua Evans, Christopher Melton, Marissa Sedmak and Lyndsay Shipley.  That’s the technical definition.  The podcast is a series of interviews that occasionally get really, really, weird, and sometimes involve Disney songs.  Listen. Listen Now. Why aren’t you listening yet? Did you listen? Go!






We Are Live – It’s a radio show.  It’s a podcast. They have a live show. They have a second podcast.  We Are Live features conversations with comedians, athletes, musicians, authors. Michael Gaines, Travis Terrell, Chris Denman, & Carlie Lawrence.  Here’s their library of stuff.







Welcome Thru Effingham – If you like sketch comedy with a throughline, but can’t watch Mr. Show at work, Sketchpad Comedy‘s “Welcome Thru Effingham” is a great binge.








Rock, Paper, Podcast – Local comedy and music superfan, Shane Presley, has been diligently interviewing performers for the last three years.  Sit in on a casual conversation and learn things you wouldn’t have otherwise known.








Sorry, Please Continue – MST3K meets The Moth as a panel of comics interrupt local storytellers in this monthly live show.  Hosts Kenny Kinds and Jeremy Hellwig run the St. Louis show, while Kris Wernowsky runs the Cleveland edition.  Both shows are available for streaming in your home.




There are a lot of podcasts out there.  Check out St. Louis Vernacular for more local ear comfort.  It’ll help you recover the next time you decide you can keep up with a group of 20 somethings who all have Adderall prescriptions.