Flyover Comedy Festival: Angela Smith

Tickets are on sale now for Flyover Comedy Festival.  Buy yours today and guarantee your admission to see Todd Barry, Henry Phillips, and a full slate of local and visiting comics November 9th through November 11th in The Grove.  Between now and then, meet some of the comics performing in the festival!


Angela Smith

Where are you from?

St. Louis, MO

Years in the comedy game?


Which festival shows are you performing on?

Hosting for Emily Galati at Gezelig on Friday, Nov 10.  Performing as Mary Todd during History Shmistory on Thursday Nov 9.

Favorite late 90’s hip hop artist?


This is a question only a white, Midwestern male in his 40’s would ask as part of a comedy festival survey. (Editor’s Note: That was aggressive…)
I’m gonna go with Lloyd Banks. I know he’s not really part of that time, but hear me out because his story is incredible.
So this guy is not the nicest guy. He’s running around with 50 Cent and he’s got beef with The Game, and a couple years after he starts to get big, he goes and gets himself shot in the stomach and back. But he doesn’t just get shot a couple times. He gets shot a couple times on SEPTEMBER 10TH, 2001.
He’s probably lying there in the hospital like “Man, this is the worst day ever.”  Have you ever been shot? I haven’t. But I’ve hit my knee on a desk real hard and that stuff always hurts worse on day two.
So here’s Lloyd Banks on September 11, 2001 after being shot twice and he’s probably like “Nurse, it hurts pretty bad today.” But everyone’s just like “Oh, did getting shot in the back and stomach hurt? Because as of 9 AM today, we’ve lost the ability to take a full bottle of hand lotion on a plane. Suck it up Lloyd Banks you big crybaby.”
I love that dude. And I hate terrorism.

What do you think the St. Louis Gateway Arch’s real purpose is?

It exists solely for me to impress everyone visiting it by shouting “it’s as tall as it is wide, you know! Did you know that? That the Arch is as TALL as it is WIDE?? It’s a parabola.”  The Arch should be paying me for this service.

Are you on the internet? Or are you in hiding?

Instagram: angelasmithstl

Where can we find you between now and the festival?

Funny Bone Showcase Oct 11 at Funny Bone
Stand Up for Pits Oct 15 at Helium
Comedy Night! – Oct 27 at American Legion Post 252, Breese, IL

Don’t miss St. Louis’s first three day comedy festival.  Flyover Comedy Festival, November 9th through 11th!