Flyover Comedy Festival: Ella Fritts

Tickets are on sale now for Flyover Comedy Festival.  Buy yours today and guarantee your admission to see Todd Barry, Henry Phillips, and a full slate of local and visiting comics November 9th through November 11th in The Grove.  Between now and then, meet some of the comics performing in the festival!


Ella Fritts

Where are you from?

St. Louis

St. Louis Stand Up Comedy Ella Fritts

 Years performing?

Three years

When/where can we find you during the festival?

I’m hosting the Handlebar mic on Friday from 5:30-6 and Saturday from 6-7. Please come.

Favorite late 90’s hip hop artist?

Lauryn Hill. “Killing Me Softly” is fantastic and I love Extra™ performers

What’s St. Louis Gateway Arch’s real purpose?

Literally so people who aren’t from the US know it’s not just New York and California. “Ok, so have you ever seen the Arch? That monument that looks like something schoolchildren play on? No? Well, that’s my home.”

Are you on social media? Where?

Twitter: EllaFritts4You
Ig: electricdeanmachine



Don’t miss St. Louis’s first three day comedy festival.  Flyover Comedy Festival, November 9th through 11th!