Flyover Comedy Festival Performer Profile: Ali Macofsky

Over the next two weeks, we’re going to show you some of the great performers who’ll be walking the boards of the stages in The Grove for Flyover Comedy Festival.

This afternoon, we introduce you to Ali Macofsky from Long Beach, California. Ali wrote a new minute of comedy every week for 2 years as part of the podcast, Kill Tony. She’s a regular at clubs and alternative venues around Los Angeles.

What are you looking forward to most at the festival this year?

Getting to perform in a new state and seeing some cool St. Louis stuff.

When/where are you performing at the festival?

Check the website out for shows I’m doing and other comics!

Give us your social media information!

Fine! @notalimac

It’s Halloween season, so……did you wear a costume? What was it?

Last year I went as Guy Fieri. And not even a Sexy Guy Fieri. I straight up just looked like Guy Fieri. Proof is on my Instagram.

Do you even lift?

To be honest, no.

Plug something. Commerce will save us all!

I mostly post on Instagram fun stuff I’m getting into professionally and casually.

See Ali and all of the other comics joining her at Flyover Comedy Invasion November 8 – November 10 in the Grove.  Wristbands for the entire festival are on sale now.  Buy yours today!