Flyover Comedy Festival Performer Profile: Kris Wernowsky

We’re taking a minute to show you some of the great performers who’ll be walking the boards of the stages in The Grove for Flyover Comedy Festival.

Kris Wernowsky is one of the co-founders of the Flyover Comedy Festival and the long-running St. Louis storytelling show “Sorry, Please Continue…” He’s a veteran of the Bird City, Memphis and Limestone Comedy festivals. He’s also a regular at Hilarities comedy club in Cleveland.

What about the festival are you most looking forward to this year?

I’m looking forward to seeing as many of these shows that I can, honestly. Late Late Breakfast, Cameron, Matt Damon Improv, Shane, Curtis, Liam, JC and all of the headliners. I also can’t wait to get on stage in front of these great audiences and tell some jokes. I’m also looking forward to a point when I can relax a little bit.

How cool is it that you guys are here in your second year? Use any scale of measurement you see fit.

I think we scaled up where we needed too and didn’t try to change too much. There was a moment last year when the crowds started to fill into the shows Friday night when I told Zach: “Well, if this had been a complete failure, we could shrug our shoulders and say, ‘Well, no we don’t have to do it next year.'” But then we looked at each other and I added, “Now we HAVE to do this next year.” It’s a good feeling, and I hope we can match our inaugural year success.

Do you have a favorite memory from last year’s festival?

Just seeing how happy everybody was, and knowing all of the hard work that we put into making this thing sort of paid off. Honestly, the only thing I want is for the audience and the performers to walk away feeling like everything was worth it. And I got the sense that was how everyone felt. It feels good to be a part of the group of people who pulled that off.

Is there anything outside of the festival you think comics visiting St. Louis should definitely see/do?

Eat at all of the best restaurants.
Go to the City Museum.
Go to the Art Museum.
Export Forest Park.
Have breakfast at The Mud House. Have a coffee at Foam on Cherokee Street.
Go up in the arch.
And drink a lot of Urban Chestnut Beer!

When / where are you performing during the festival?

I’m doing Arguments and Grievances Friday night at The Improv Shop. I’m opening for Janelle James Friday night at The Improv Shop.

Give us your social media info!

@kriswernowsky for Twitter
@kris_wernowsky for Instagram
I’m also on Facebook, but we should all be angry at Facebook.

You’re going to be stuck in an elevator with any three people living or dead? Who? Why? And you get one food item to share with them. What is it?

Honestly, I would love to have BBQ with Jesus, James Baldwin and Cary Grant.

Promote something. Commerce saves us all!

I’m going to promote the Flyover Comedy Festival, once again, because people really need to go to it.

See Kris and all of the other comics joining him at Flyover Comedy Festival, November 8 – November 10 in the Grove.  Wristbands for the entire festival are on sale now.  Buy yours today!