Your Friday Night Fix: Power & Self – Stryker Spurlock

If you’re looking for an hour of comedy tonight, you can’t do much better than checking out Stryker Spurlock’s single comic show “Power & Self” at St. Louis Fringe.  Fans of the St. Louis Independent Comedy scene know Spurlock as the host and producer of Contraceptive Comedy, and as one of the forces behind Fatal Bus Accident – both shows that have a dedicated following.  This show is purported to be an intense look at a young comic whose id and ego are time travelers trapped in a love/hate relationship.

We asked Stryker whom he’d like to invite to the show tonight, and were thrilled that you were at the top of his list.   Right next to Louis C.K.  He showed us his invitation to comedy legend.  We’re  not sure Louis’s going to accept.


Dear Louis CK,
I understand you are a “stand-up comedian”, as I am. Having reviewed a sample of your work, I have reached the correct conclusion that I am far better at it than you are. If you wish to contest this and fight for your honor (and you will lose, sir), you may pay $15 to see my show Power & Self tonight at 9:30. It’s at the Kranzberg Gallery on Grand. I hope to see you there, in the front row, your brain crumbling in awe of my superiority.

Stop jerking off in front of women,

Stryker Spurlock


Check out Power & Self, tonight at the Kranzberg Gallery as part of St. Lou Fringe.  Details here!