Go See A Show – 8/22 – 8/28/16

Photo by JC Sibala
Photo by JC Sibala

It’s another week of great shows in St. Louis.  Plan on attending one or more. Especially, plan on attending St. Louis Fringe to see Amy Milton in “Good.


Tuesday 8/23 – Open mics abound with the weekly offerings from Helium Comedy, The Funny Bone, and the Balentine’s late night mic.  There’s also Steven’s House Improv Show at The Heavy Anchor at 9pm.

Wednesday 8/24 – Tonight, your open mic options are at Parrot’s for an early show and Wild Card for the later show. If you prefer sketch comedy, Mordecai Montrose presents Morbid Morals at The Heavy Anchor.

Helium Comedy has a great showcase of local comics, including Emily Hickner, Scott James, Patrick Trowbridge, Nathan Orton, JC Sibala and Kenny Kinds.

Thursday 8/25 – Fitz’s Comedy Night’s new format of Open Mic with a showcase attached is working pretty well.  Tonight you get a healthy dose of Rafe Williams as the featured performer.  Also tonight, Helium has a line up of local comics for Comics Against Humanity, a show that combines stand up comedy with the game Cards Against Humanity.

Friday 8/26 – Check out The Catalogue: Live! at The Heavy Anchor.  Josh, Christopher, and Marissa have a great line up of interviews and entertainment for the evening.

Saturday 8/27 – We can’t stress enough how much fun Contraceptive Comedy at Shameless Grounds will be.  Host, Stryker Spurlock says it’s the greatest show ever.

Also, we want to highlight “Good”, the one woman show presented by Amy Milton as part of St. Lou Fringe.  Everyone who has seen the show has given it great reviews.  The show is intense, funny, and moving.  Do yourself a favor and see it. We’re highlighting it, because a lot of these shows will be back again next month.  You don’t know when you’ll get a chance to see this show again.

Remember, it’s okay to laugh.

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