Happy Birthday, Comedy 101 at Bar 101!

It’s been a rough year for the comedy only open mics in the St. Louis scene.  A few open mics either changed their formats, became once a month affairs, or closed completely.  That’s why it’s kind of a big deal when a new open mic hits that one year anniversary mark.  Congratulations to Josh Slobe for continuing to bring us a weekly independent open mic every Tuesday at Bar 101 in Soulard.

When you first step onto Bar 101’s patio (entrance in rear), you’re immediately confronted with a choice. Is today the day you begin your professional volleyball career?  With 200 beach volleyball courts (we didn’t really count) and over 1,000 other outside activities, you’d be forgiven if you never make it into the bar proper. But you’d be missing out if you didn’t.

The bar itself is roomy.  It’s huge.  It’s really big.  There’s plenty of room for everyone outside to suddenly rush inside if there’s a weather emergency.  Nestled in the back of this bar is a gem of a theater space, completely separated from everything else (similar to the set up at The Heavy Anchor, or The Monocle).  So, however rowdy the bar is, you’re guaranteed the showroom will be free of that distraction.

It’s a great way for an open mic to feel like a booked show, especially since you’ll be seeing some of St. Louis comedy’s rising stars develop acts meant for the main stages of clubs and festivals.  And, you’ll get to see them for free.

Take some time tonight, and every Tuesday, to stop in and watch this show.  Wish it a happy birthday.  Buy everyone a round (drinks are cheap).  You know, normal stuff.