London Falling: History Shmistory Takes On The UK

St. Louis’s favorite historical comedy show has jumped across the pond to London, where it will continue it’s tradition of providing completely 100% accurate portrayals of historical figures.  We asked Christian Lawrence about the trip.  This is what he telegraphed back.

It’s been awhile since we’ve asked.  What in the hell is History Shmistory?

So, the elevator pitch is “comedians performing as historical figures, in costume, in character”. Within the show, the idea is that I  am a time traveler, and that I’m bringing these people from heir time periods and putting them on stage to perform.

The show has toured throughout the US (San Fransisco, Chicago, Milwaukee and more). Comics who do it tend to have a good time: it a fun writing challenge and they get to see their other comic friends dressed in ridiculous outfits.

It’s also very open to interpretation: as long as comics fit in the guidelines “a historical figure, in costume, in character”, they are free to make any creative choice they want, and there have been some great variations.

The show has also given comics the opportunity to expand in ways they wouldn’t have otherwise: Stryker Spurlock was so happy with his Jack The Ripper character that he used the outfit for his Halloween costume, and Ella Fritts performed as Eva Braun at Fatal Bus Accident after doing it first at History Shmistory.

Who’s on the show?

So far we have Prince Abdi as Louis Farrakhan, Will Franken as King Louis XVI,  Jonathan Hearn as Pope Gregory XIII &
Christopher Timoney as Saint Patrick.

Prince was a huge help, and the show definitely wouldn’t have happened without his help.

Does London even have comedy venues?  It’s a whole different country with it’s own culture.  Where will you perform?

The show is taking place at The Top Secret Comedy Club so (contractually) I probably shouldn’t say much more, but I’ve already got warrants so why stop now?

Top Secret is located in the Covent Garden section of London, which is known for its night life. Top Secret has AWESOME drink prices, so I’d say go with something that would otherwise be pricy, maybe? I’M SAVING YOU MONEY, FOLKS.

Everything we’ve learned about the UK comes from the movie Shaun of the Dead.  Do you have a plan on how to make it home in case of a zombocalypse?

Man, the jet lag coming to London was so bad. Right now, It’s a solid 50-50 I don’t jump straight into the zombies so I never have to experience that again when I return to STL.

Where can we see videos of past shows?

There are more video coming from the 2017 shows and the London show coming soon.

Can you say something in British for us?

How about this: “This article from is now a colony under the jurisdiction of the English crown”. I don’t think that, historically, it could get much more British than that.


If you’re in London, go see Christian host History Shmistory on October 11 (Details Here).  If you’re not in London, check out the show as part of Flyover Comedy Festival in St. Louis, MO.  Tickets on sale now!