And now, a brief word from the management.

St Louis Comedy July Profile CalendarOn July 1, we started posting these little profiles of people involved in the local comedy scene.  Tomorrow, the last day of July, we will publish the 31st profile.  When the project was originally conceived, we thought it would only run for a month, while we plan other content, build up the calendar, and other projects. Then, this past week, we realized we had a problem, there are still a lot of people we haven’t included.

We’re about to begin a new month and still have profiles from stand up comics, improv comics, podcasters, venue owners, promoters, and a few surprises that are waiting to be published.  We still have people we want to send profiles to.  We’ve only introduced you to a small part of our local scene.

So, while we’re going to start pushing out different content, we’re still going to give you a daily profile to start your day.  We’ve been impressed with how popular these are, and we’re glad to help #STLComedy any way we can.  We’re pretty sure that when August 31 rolls around, we’re going to be faced with this same dilemma.

Thank you, and keep laughing.

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