St. Louis Comedy Profile: Gene Kitsmiller

As we sat and watched the preliminary rounds of Helium Comedy’s “Funniest Person in St. Louis” contest last month, we were amazed by one act that didn’t progress into the semi-final round.  Dressed unassumingly in a Cardinals baseball cap and a sensible jacket for a cold summer day, Gene Kitsmiller spent the next five minutes blowing our minds with his observations on modern life.  Gene proves that the line between Everyman and Superman, can be a simple pun. 

St. Louis Comedy - Independence Day

St. Louis Comedy Shows 7/3-7/9

America’s birthday week!  You better believe America celebrates its birthday for a whole week and tells everyone that it’s coming up months in advance.  Fire up the grill, drink a beer, colonize a country and celebrate Independence Day as it’s told in history books.  If only we could’ve been there when George Washington, tired after defeating the xenomorphs took a swig of a cold Bud and proclaimed July 4th Independence and Chill day.  St. Louis comedy is taking the 4th off it looks like, but there’s lots of shows to see throughout the week.  Some might have fireworks!

St. Louis Comedy

Pride Hangover – St. Louis Comedy Shows 6/26-7/2

We had an awesome time this weekend celebrating Pride at great events all over the city. We hope you were vomiting rainbows of acceptance and freedom.  St. Louis Comedy is accepting of all and we have a special place in our hearts for people that come to shows.  Join us for all the great entertainment lined up for this week!

St. Louis Comedy

Loop Trolley Will Consume Us All – St. Louis Comedy Shows 6/19-6/25

Faster than a loop trolley train, it’s the St. Louis comedy roundup for the week of 6/19 to 6/25!  Seriously, those things are slow.  We checked it all out, called Joe Edwards and everything and he said, ‘Yeah, they’re pretty slow’.  Progress!

We can see it now.  The year is 2018.  The Delmar Loop has been decimated by the trolley wars.  Angry pedestrians and disenfranchised motorists rose up against the Loop Trolley, but the Trolley, using it’s cunning as all trolleys have, enslaved the humans.  Now, one promoter sets out to do a comedy show on the trolley.

Trolley Comedy coming 2018!

St. Louis Comedy

Summer Boating! – St. Louis Comedy Shows 6/12-6/19

It’s Summer! Time to get out your boat and impress your friends.  You don’t have a boat? That’s very unimpressive.

We wanted to be on a boat with you, and now we’re disappointed in you as person for being a failure. Because of you we don’t get to go on a boat.  We just have to sit here and think about our favorite boats – tug, speed, pretty sure there are more.

Oh yeah! We’ve got a bunch of St. Louis comedy shows to tell you about!

St. Louis Comedy in the News: STL Magazine profiles Ryan Dalton, Jamie Fritz, and Sam Lyons

St. Louis Magazine continues its year long profile of local comics. This month’s profile from Thomas Crone features Fitz’s co-host, Ryan Dalton, Hey Guys regular,  Jamie Fritz, and newcomer to the STLComedy scene, Sam Lyons. Get to know these great local performers, and take some time to read the other profiles Thomas has written.  

St. Louis Comedy

Pool’s Open – St. Louis Comedy Shows 6/5-6/11

Hi!  It’s summer!  Hop in the pool.  Go on, you’ve got time. Get comfortable, hop in the pool.  Here’s a mojito.  How’s that for a pool drink?  I knew you’d like it. Relax, I’ve got you a raft.  You don’t know how to swim? Just hang out in the shallow end.  There’s kids, but they’ll move.  Act like an adult.  Oh, and no running when you get out.  Now sit back and let me tell you about some St. Louis comedy shows coming up this week.