St. Louis Comedy Profile: Chris Denman & Travis Terrell

St. Louis Comedy, We Are Live, PodcastChris Denman and Travis Terrell host “We Are Live!”, a radio show/podcast based in St. Louis. “We Are Live” has become a major supporter of the local comedy scene, while also providing some incredible interviews with national performers. Their site (listed below) is full of audio and video guaranteed to entertain you.

Your name as you’d like it to appear
Chris Denman & Travis Terrell

Organization or Project Name
We Are Live!


Briefly Describe what you do.
We host a radio show/podcast focusing on conversations with interesting people.  It can be found on CBS Radio and here in Saint Louis. We also babysit comics from time to time.

What/Who are your comedic (or other) influences?
Dave Chappelle, Larry David, Eddie Murphy, Phil Hartman, Adam Carolla, Jimmy Kimmel, Marc Maron, Joe Rogan, Tim McKernan, Jo Koy, Greg Fitzsimmons, Barack Obama, Norm Macdonald, Steve Zahn (Specifically his performance in Joy Ride)

Describe your worst on stage/performing experience.
Our first week of radio was torture. We’d never been on air before and it was like we were floating above our own Ramsay Bolton torture session. We interviewed Andrew WK our second night on air. Chris managed to interrupt him 8,934 times, while Travis audibly pissed himself.

Describe your best on stage/performing experience.
Sold out show, 2 hours plus on stage with Adam Carolla at The Pageant. We’re long time fans, so it was a dream come true. The crowd was extremely responsive. Adam and his crew treated us like old friends, and we had the time of our lives. To this day, we contend that we should have just shut it down after that night, as it likely won’t get better. This was Chris’ first time on stage, ever. Which is like losing your virginity to an adult film star.

We’re typing these questions up in a coffee house. Do you have anything you’d like to say to the other people here?:
“No, you cannot host an open mic here.”

What do you like most about the St. Louis comedy scene?
Rafe Williams’ ass. Other than that, it’s the hard work people pour into their slice of the city by creating their own experience for themselves and others. Whether it’s a bar show, busting their ass to feature for a national act coming through, or doing promo work, it’s very pleasing to see people so passionate about building and improving “the scene.” Saint Louis is accessible, and if you work hard, (from our point of view) it appears you can get on stage just about any night, and people will support you.

Rank the following in descending order of coolness. Zombie, Pirate, Ninja, Robot
Robot, Ninja, Zombie, Pirate

Plug something. It’s why we do this.
July 16th, watch us on STL Up Late. Count how many times Chris twitches his nose or Travis says “remarkable”.

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If you’re bored, go back and listen to us on Jo Koy or Adam Carolla’s Podcast’s.