St. Louis Comedy Profile: Chris “SillyMan” Mosley

There’s a lot of great improv and sketch in St. Louis. Chris Mosley, a.k.a. Sillyman, performs with his team at Word Up’s monthly showcase.

We’re judging from the picture, that he’s also a running back for a co-ed flag football team.

Your Name

Team Name
SillyMan Live Squad

Got any links?
Facebook: SillymanTV

What do you do?
I stand on stage and vent about my life issues and for whatever reason people find my problems funny…oh yea and I have a group that performs sketches and improv.

Where do you do it?
Pshh, all over…sketch shows were at Cuetopia, Rustic Goat, but now we’re going to be at Word Up once a month at Legacy for the rest of the year.

How long have you been doing it?
About 5 years. We started doing live sketch shows two years ago. Before that it was all online.

Who inspired you to start doing it?
Dave Chappelle, Chris Rock, DL Hughley, The In Living Color show (we don’t have anything like that anymore) and Who’s Line It Anyway.

What was the worst thing that ever happened while you were performing?
One time, we did a free show at Cuetopia. Everything was set, but then this club promoter name Slim bought us out on Monday nights to do bikini boxing (not gonna lie, that sounded better). So we got booted to Tuesday night. However, the way that club is built, there’are two sides, so the DJ on the “party side” turned his music up HELLA LOUD and drowned us out. People kept opening the door to see what we were doing. So in the middle of my acts, you kept hearing ghetto songs like “BIG BOOTY BUTT! BIG BOOTY BUTT CHEEEEKS!” It was heated. Mainly, because I love that song and I couldn’t enjoy it the way I usually do.

What’s the best thing that’s happened while performing?
I promised my group that if they stuck with the live show that we would be out of town in one year. And literally one calendar year later, we got booked in a club in Kansas City. The Art Bar. We went out there and killed it. Like, DESTROYED IT…panties were thrown on stage…well not that part, but much love was shown

What is your organization most proud of?
The fact that we are family, and we stick together as such. We hang out together. We have each other’s backs And out of the one’s that have kids, our kids refer to everyone as uncles and aunts. Groups don’t stay together through money and fame. However we’re family. So we’ll be good.

What do you like most about the STL Comedy Scene?
It’s a melting pot of variety. There are so many different styles and so many different venues that require those styles. The biggest thing I love is the fact you have to earn support. I promise if you can make people from this city come out to see you act a fool, then you should have no entertaining majority of the country. I love that “gauntlet” feel when performing here. The real love you get from other comics, the fake love, the helping out with jokes, the stealing jokes, EVERYTHING!!! Everything you experience in this industry, Saint Louis is gonna put you through, so you’ll be ready.

You have thirty seconds to convince these people heading to Buffalo Wild Wings to come to your show instead.  What do you say?
Ima hungry skinny man, so wherever I’m performing, I make sure there’s food. So you might as well come eat and laugh. You’ve never seen what we bring to the stage in this city before, and while it’s affordable, you might as well come check it out. Bring a date too! I promise you’ll impress them, and make them wanna sleep with you. All I ask is that you make them say my name one time…just once..the other 5 minutes is all yours.

Promote something!
You like the hit show Wild N Out?? Wouldn’t it be cool to see all those hilarious characters come to OUR CITY and perform?? Well I’ve got the bootleg version for you! Tuesday August 30th the SillyMan Live Squad will be performing at Word Up’s WILD STYLE event at 9pm!! All the crazy games you love and laugh at will be performed along with some of our own original ones. Pre sale tickets can be bought for $5 through me (Add silly man tee vee on fb) or you can RSVP ahead of time with your name and party size! I promise this will be hilarious!