St. Louis Comedy Profile: Christopher Melton (The Catalogue)

Christopher Melton has a great head of hair, which may or may not be a contributing factor to why The Catalogue is such a fun podcast and live show.

Your Name
Christopher Melton

Show Name
The Catalogue


Describe what you do.
I co-host The Catalogue Podcast with Joshua Evans. It’s a chat (not interview) show in which a comedian joins us to discuss a blanket topic, enjoy some audio sketches, and a couple songs from independent bands and musicians.

I write, produce, and star (like a big bright shiny fucker) in sketch videos, including our ongoing narrative sketch series The Catalogue Broadcast. I also host and avoid doing live sketch at The Catalogue LIVE! events.

What/Who are your comedic influences?
I’ve always been obsessed with smart absurdism from people like Emo Phillips, Albert Brooks, Porkum Launchmind, Norm Macdonald, Kids in the Hall, and British sketch like Big Train, Snuff Box, and Mitchell and Webb. One of those names is made up.

I think we all know which one.

Describe your worst on stage/performing experience.
So far, so good…Real good.

Describe your best on stage/performing experience.
Our first live show, and my first time doing any sort of comedy on stage, I was very nervous. I told a story about dropping a Dolce and Gabbana next to my car near traffic. You wouldn’t believe it, but people laughed! I remembered that nothing matters, and I’ll be okay.

A science experiment goes wrong and leaves you out of phase with our reality, but for 10 seconds you can speak to a group of 8th graders, before you disappear forever. What would you tell them?
I would scream through bloodied and swollen lips, “Something’s gone horribly wrong with my experiment! I think I’m fucking inside out! OH GOD FUCK! Is this a classroom?! First kid to stomp my windpipe shut gets extra cred…” and then, I guess I’m gone.

What do you like most about the St. Louis comedy scene?
Everyone we ask seems to be down to help us make things we really enjoy. There aren’t a lot of Cliquey Clarissas, so burning bridges has become a chore. I’m thinking about giving it up.

Rank the following in descending order of coolness. Zombie, Pirate, Ninja, Robot.

Plug something. It’s why we do this.
The Catalogue Podcast can be heard on iTunes, Stitcher, TuneIn Radio, or anywhere fine podcasts are heard. The Catalogue Broadcast and our other sketch videos are on YouTube.

Come see a Catalogue LIVE show! We feature an array of St. Louis’ finest funnymuns and sillysons.

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