St. Louis  Comedy Profile: Fatal Bus Accident

14182230_10100717872240432_192536260_nFatal Bus Accident is a great show. Fatal Bus Accident is a weird show. These two statements are both true. We’ll let you figure out which member of their cast probably completed this questionnaire.

Organization Name
Fatal Bus Accident


Describe what you do.
We’re a monthly comedy show with a loose talk show format with recurring segments and videos. We all play characters based on ourselves. Jeremy and Amy are the “hosts”, Stryker is the weird sidekick, and Jon is the bandleader. Ella Fritts is our woman on the street and Ryan Dalton is her cameraman monkey boy. Every month there’s a guest interview, a stand-up, and usually a musical artist.

How long have you existed?
Technically almost a year. We did our first show in October 2015 and have been doing it monthly since April 2016.

Who are your biggest influences for what you do?
The Mighty Boosh. Mr. Show. And then we all have individual influences.

Describe your worst performance/show experience.
Our July show was just okay. As pre-show ambience, we played a tape Stryker found in his basement of an old man filming a laptop playing voyeur porn while he masturbated off screen. This set a weird tone for the show. And then the last sketch was too long. Everything else was good, though.

Describe your best performance/show experience.
The June show. We pulled off a 20 minute opening segment with no lines being dropped or stumbled over. Bates was the musical guest and everyone wanted to buy her album after. Siobhan O’Loughlin was the guest and everyone wanted to see her storytelling show. Stryker was tied to a chair in his underwear and people threw meat at him. Emily Hickner played the Unabomber and Chad Wallace stage slapped her so hard she fell out of her chair and then slid and fell on loose meat. Then Schroedinger’s cat killed somebody with Chekhov’s gun.

Tell us something your organization is particularly proud of.
See above. Also, the fact we basically write a new play every month and still have time for open mics/producing other shows (Contraceptive Comedy and Sorry, Please Continue)/running this goddamn town.

What do you like most about the St. Louis Comedy Scene?
Us. A couple other people.

You have 30 seconds to convince a group of traveling salespeople to come to your show instead of heading to a Buffalo Wild Wings for all you can eat hot wings. What do you say?
It takes less than 30 seconds to call in a bomb threat to a Buffalo Wild Wings.

Plug something. It’s why we do this.
We have a show tonight, August 31. Heavy Anchor, 9pm, $5.
Our woman-on-the-street-segment “Ella Fritts: Street Person” is available on YouTube.

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