St. Louis Comedy Profile: Happy Tree & Friends

received_1569498516693368.jpegEach month, Tree Sanchez hosts a stand up comedy showcase in the Fox Park neighborhood.  A major believer in the greatness the local comedy scene can achieve, Tree’s show is committed to giving new comics a chance to find their voice by letting them get stage time alongside comics with more experience.  Check out the show for a chance to see the breadth of talent performing in the city.

Organization Name
Happy Tree and Friends: An Adorable Comedy Showcase is a monthly independent comedy show produced by Tree Sanchez. Currently, it happens the first Thursday of every month.


Describe what you do.
I’m trying to build a comedy empire in STL. This includes supporting the talent in my city’s comedy scene. By building a great comedy scene you’ll get a reputation for having great comedians. It gives the community a reason to come out to watch live comedy.

The thing I don’t like doing at my shows is trying to be nice to people that are talking during the show. I have a temper that I do my best to control it. Latins are a passionate people. One time I flat out said, “If you’re gonna talk, take it outside.” It’s a respect thing.

Best thing is it’s a free show, walk in, sit down with your drink, it’s casual and fun. I would like to think it helps the mood of the show. I like when I collect a ton of donations to split among the comedians that makes me happy. Makes me feel like the crowd had a great time and wants to see more live comedy more often. Plus some of the comedians need gas money, I want to provide them with compensation for taking the time to do my show.

How long have you existed?
Friday, February 5th 2016 was the first Happy Tree and Friends at Sandrina’s. Then it moved to Melt. Now it’s at The Purple Martin.

Who are your biggest influences for what you do?
My biggest influences for Happy Tree and Friends comes from all the live comedy shows that I love. I take pieces I’ve watched and enjoyed, then incorporate them into my show.

These include the following: Punch Drunk Comedy/Bare Knuckle Comedy (STL), An Evening with the Authors (Indy), Rocketship Comedy (Indy), Hot Soup (NYC), The Dump: Storytelling Open Mic (NYC-Creek and the Cave), Star Bar Comedy Night (ATL), Go Bananas Comedy Club (Cincy), Laughing Skull Comedy Club (ATL), The Comedy Attic (Bloomington, IN), and countless open mics across the country.

Is there anything in particular you’re proud of, in regards to your show?
I’m particularly proud of the level of encouragement provided to new comedians by fellow comedians at my show. Do something different. Be imaginative. I can tell who’s got potential and who’s phoning it in. I like to give the comedians a longer time on stage to play around with the audience or with a blossoming new joke. The Gambler Spot is a chance for me to see someone I’m unfamiliar with, watch their work, and decide if I’d like to book them on the show. Talent will flourish when people who care about them start supporting the success and growth from failures of that performer/writer.

What do you like best about the STL comedy scene?
What I like about the STL comedy scene is that you have to eat shit here, it makes you stronger and better prepared for anything to be thrown at you. You gotta be good off the cuff. STL has the rowdiest crowds sometimes. You gotta convince them your hilarious and be confident or they’ll eat you alive. I like STL because it’s a terrifying and terrific place to learn what’s funny and how to be funny. When you’re good in STL you’re great in most other cities. It’s the last place you want to be talking out of your ass and hoping for laughs.

You have 30 seconds to convince a group of traveling salespeople to come to your show instead of heading to a Buffalo Wild Wings for all you can eat hot wings. What do you say?
Buffalo Wild Wings are forever, a great comedy show is rare, and it’s all you can eat laughter for a limited time! Also, there’s plenty of hot chicks with a sense of humor who aren’t on the clock. There’s live comedy, an art raffle, free stickers for your pals, stuffed animals in a kiddie car, and a beautifully stocked bar. This month we’re premiering a short film, “First Date Fallacies”.

Promote you next show!
September 1st, Thursday night 9:00 at the Purple Martin located at 2800 Shenandoah Ave. Just past Fox Park.