St. Louis Comedy Profile: Helium Comedy

Tonight, Christopher Titus is on stage for a one-night show at Helium Comedy.  We think [INSERT CLEVER TITUS ANDRONICUS PUN HERE]! Right?

To get you ready for that show, and to give St. Louis Comedy fans a chance to learn a little bit about local venues, here’s a little info about the club.  Keep an eye out for future venue profiles.

Erin Naylor

General Manager

Venue Name/Location
Helium Comedy Club St. Louis
1151 St. Louis Galleria St., St. Louis, MO 63117

Number of years open
1+ (We opened in January 2016)


Social Media
Twitter: @HeliumComedySTL
Snapchat: @heliumcomdeystl
Instagram: heliumcomedy (for all clubs, we don’t have our own)

Describe your club’s booking mix, in regards to local vs. national acts.
At this point, we run open mic every Tuesday at 8. Wednesday’s are typically local shows with a few touring acts sprinkled in. Weekends (Thursday-Saturday/Sunday) are reserved for national headliners.

How do you see your club’s role in the St. Louis comedy scene?
I feel like we’re here to help! Not only by offering open mics and local shows to allow our comics more stage time and chances to grow, but in bringing national headliners to a solid standing club. It gets people in St. Louis excited about comedy. Being able to give our local comics a chance to perform with these headliners is exciting. They gain valuable experience, and have access to an audience who may not have been exposed to their comedy before those weekends.

You have 30 seconds to convince a group of people that a night in your club is a better option than just watching a Netflix special. What do you say?
You haven’t lived until you’ve seen shirtless Bert Kreischer in the flesh, or tried to out-chug a beer with Steve Lemme and Kevin Heffernan.

Someone reading this has never been to a comedy club before. What is the most important piece of advice you would give them when they walk into your showroom?
Understand that this is a live performance. While I’m sure your buddies all think you’re hilarious, the people in the showroom didn’t come to hear you heckle. With that, it IS a comedy show, so laugh and have fun!! These are the best of the best coming to St. Louis, of all places, to make sure you have an amazing time. Bonus, if you enjoy comics who do crowd work, you could come to every show that weekend and see a different set each time.

Flipping that question around, someone reading this is considering showing up to your club’s open mic for the first time to perform. What is the most important piece of advice you can give them?
Practice makes perfect (or better than some). Don’t let a bad set discourage you. We have a great local scene and I’ve watched even the good one’s bomb. So if this is something you really want to pursue in your life, learn from the bad sets and never forget them – they make great stories later.

Who would you rather have as a patron, Freddy Krueger, Jason Vorhees, or the girl from The Ring?
I feel like the girl from The Ring would be the only one who wouldn’t get kicked out.

Plug something!
The June/July months are going to be crazy packed with a few of my personal favorites, some of whom were here last year. Only one I can say out loud right now is Jim Breuer, July 6th-8th. Check us out!!

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