St. Louis Comedy Profile: Hey Guys Comedy

Hey Guys Comedy is located in Fairview Heights, IL. It’s owners, stand up comic Bruce Veach and his partner Shelbie Wohlstadter took the time to answer some questions for us.

In keeping with our plan to bring you information about the local venues bringing you local comedy, we sent questionnaires to all three of the local comedy clubs. Keep watch here for profiles of the others.

Your Name
Bruce Veach and Shelbie Wohlstadter


Club Name
Hey Guys Comedy

Club URL

How long have you been open?
A little over two years

Does your club have a philosophy in regards to booking local vs.touring acts?
We book mainly national acts as headliners, and local acts as features and emcees.

How do audiences in St. Louis compare to audiences in other cities?
STL audiences tend to like well known names.

Someone reading this has never been to a live comedy show. If you could give them one piece of advice or instruction, what would it be?
Arrive early, and like a movie, when the show has ended, be prepared to leave.

Flipping the previous question around, someone reading this is about to sign up for your club’s open mic for their first performance ever. What shouldn’t they do?
Perform someone else’s material.

You have 30 seconds to convince someone that coming out to the club is better than staying home and watching comedy on Netflix. What do you say?
You can’t get the same energy at home that you can in the club. Plus you can’t meet the performer after the Netflix video.

What’s the best experience you’ve had with a live performance, ever, in your club?
Selling out our anniversary show, and celebrating with the fans of our club was great.

Who would you rather have as a customer, Freddy Krueger or Jason Vorhees?
Freddy Krueger because he likes cake. Sorry we were prepared for the cake or pie question.

Plug something. That’s why we do this.
Jim Florentine from Trainwreck and Crank Yanker October 21-22

Bonus question: Your club is on the Illinois side of the metropolitan area. Do you feel that give you a different audience than the Missouri side gets? What do you think that difference is?
Other than where the sleep at night, it’s the same great crowd both sides of the river. The thing our club does is allow people with a 618 area code the ability to experience live comedy in their own backyard.