St. Louis Comedy Profile: Hootin’ and Hollerin’ Comedy Open Mic

hootin and hollerin open micIt’s been a few weeks since Patrick Trowbridge and Eric Brown announced their new open mic, Hootin’ and Hollerin’ Comedy Open Mic. Since then, the show has literally taken on a life of its own as the show’s Twitter account has become sentient, and has taken on a Walther Matthauesque attitude toward the world.

Your Names
Eric Brown and Patrick Trowbridge

What’s the name of your project?
Hootin’ and Hollerin’ Comedy Open Mic

What is it?
Hootin’ and Hollerin’ Comedy Open Mic is a comedy open mic called Hootin’ and Hollerin’ Comedy Open Mic. As comics who have been to mics running on the bare minimum required for comedy, we want to make our show feel special.

It’s still going to be an open mic in a bar, but we have control of many aspects of how it will be managed and maintained. From our own PA, lights, no TVs, a list of rules of basic professionalism, etc. We have the owner’s blessing that we can do whatever we need in order have the best show possible. Basically, we don’t want to run a comedy show that we aren’t excited about each week.

We will put up around 14 comics for 5 minute spots as well as a “feature” comic about halfway through the show. The feature spots will generally be our favorite St. Louis comics as well as traveling comics when it comes up. Sign up is at 7:15 and cuts off at 7:35 sharp. The list is drawn randomly from a bucket to keep things (mostly) fair. We’re not a bucket mic though, there will be a list and the comics will know where they’re at before we start.

When is it?
Every Thursday at 8pm.

Where is it?
Night Owl by Tree House – 3177 S. Grand – St. Louis, MO

Do you really think we need another open mic?
There is always a need for more stage time. The thing is, it needs to be quality stage time. By quality, basically, we feel that every room can offer a unique experience to a comic. The idea is that by doing this, we’re working on our material, performance and ability to handle variables and bad circumstances so we can be headliners someday.

A perfect open mic with an awesome audience is fun to work out material. But sometimes you need a rowdy crowd that wants you to go and kill yourself. Sometimes you need a room that is ignoring you. Every lesson is worth learning. We’re obviously hoping to have a mic where people can really focus on figuring out ideas, but our philosophy on mics is that they all have a purpose, even if it isn’t a “fun” one.

What makes your open mic different from the others?
First of all, Hootin’ and Hollerin’ Comedy Open Mic is called Hootin’ and Hollerin’ Comedy Open Mic. Nobody else has a comedy open mic called Hootin’ and Hollerin’ Comedy Open Mic. So that’s just one of many differences. We also have a theme song. What?! That’s about it.

Of all the diseases we currently have vaccinations for, which would you rather die of?
“Diphtheria, because it sounds like my 90’s hip hop group.” – Patrick

“Diphtheria, because severe breathing problems, heart failure, blood disorders, paralysis, coma and death.” – Eric

Runner up: Whooping Cough ‘cause Juggalos.

It’s Thursday on South Grand and Nelly is about to give a surprise concert in Ritz park. Everyone who attends the concert gets a free order of Toasted Ravioli and a Pork Steak covered in Maul’s Barbeque Sauce, as well as a six pack of Busch Beer. Why should any St. Louisian come to your open mic instead?

Because Nelly’s concert was a surprise and we’ve been promoting the shit out of our show. No one would even know about his surprise show. You do a surprise party at someone’s house for a reason. They don’t know it’s happening. They would miss it otherwise. You’d think that Nelly, having had a major career, would know better than this but whatever. Next Question.

List three things you hope no one does at your open mic.
1. Steals jokes. Unless they’re really good.
2. Street Jokes. Unless they’re really good.
3. Racist/misogynistic/bigoted jokes. Unless they’re really good.

Does free will exist?
“I don’t care.” – Patrick

*Eric is overwhelmed by this question so he is “choosing” to ignore it.*

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@hhcomedyshow – DO NOT FOLLOW THIS. We made it for the show but it has become sentient. It is spewing negativity and bad things about comedy in general. It does not align with any of our ethics or beliefs about comedy.