St. Louis Comedy Profile: Jamie Fritz

St. Louis Stand Up Comedy, Jamie Fritz

Jamie Fritz is a newcomer to the St. Louis comedy scene, but she’s already scored a pretty sweet gig as the regular Saturday night host at Hey Guys Comedy in Fairview Heights, Illinois. Why not catch a show this weekend?

Your Name
Jamie Fritz

Artform of Choice
Stand Up

How Long Have You Been Performing
Just over a year

Who Are Your Comedic Influences
Lewis C.K. and Eddie Griffin – No joke. I had an unmarked VHS tape with two of their specials hidden under my bed and would watch it late at night in my room, like it was porn.

Describe Your Worst Moment On Stage.
My first time performing at the Valley Park Funny Bone. My boyfriend and two of my best friends were in the audience. I didn’t really know the difference between how you tell a story at a bar vs. on stage yet. It was really sobering to have my most ardent supporters unable to even offer pity laughter. I hid for about 2 weeks and clearly got back up there eventually. I still have not revisited the writing that led to that night of horror. One day!

Describe your best moment on stage.
The first time a joke actually worked from start to finish! This was at the West Port Funny Bone, about 4 months into my “career” (Do we call it that?). Not the first round of performing it by ANY means, but the first time that the punch lines landed as intended. I was able to leave the stage with some idea that I was allowed to hang around these other funny people with whom I avoided eye contact. I still avoid eye contact, but now it is just because I am deeply awkward.

What Do You Like Best About The St. Louis Comedy Scene?
There are a TON of options! Open Mics everywhere and always somewhere to try a new joke. I haven’t even scratched the surface in terms of the opportunities. But all of the variety provides many different audiences to fine tune a joke so you don’t feel like you are repeating work in front of the same people, forcing a crap joke you won’t let go of down the throats of the same people every week. Spread the pain around! But seriously, genuine reactions to help cultivate the story.

You Have Thirty Seconds To Convince Someone To See A Live Show Instead Of Staying Home To Watch Netflix. What Do You Say?
Do you want to laugh at home alone or would you like to sit among people and smile as a crowd truly, experiencing infectious laughter? Just think, if you change out of those yoga pants, someone might buy you a drink!

Rate The Following Based On Your Ability To Beat Them In A Fight. Candyman, The Girl From The Ring, Freddy Krueger, Chucky.
Can I say that they all would likely kill me, but here we go!

Chucky – Just an evil My-Buddy Doll. Give him an ice cream cone and he will calm down

Candyman – Simply stay out of high-rise projects

Freddy Krueger – I sleep poorly already, but know that won’t last forever.

The Girl From the Ring – I cried almost that whole movie. I would die immediately.

What’s For Dinner?
Homemade Tacos and Pringles. Because nothing says eat some chips like eating a fried tortilla shell. So that happened.

Plug Something. It’s Why We Do This
I host/emcee at Hey Guys Comedy in Fairview Heights, IL every Saturday night. You should come out some time!

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