St. Louis Comedy Profile: JC Sibala

St. Louis Stand Up Comedy, JC SibalaJC Sibala is the co-creator and co-host of Wild Card Comedy.  He performs at clubs around the mid-west, and recently opened for Heather McDonald at Helium Comedy in St. Louis.

Your Name
JC Sibala

How long have you been performing stand up?
5 years

Who are your comedy influences?
Dave Chappelle, Russell Peters, Eddie Murphy

Describe your worst experience on stage.
Getting booed off stage in 30 seconds in front of 600 people.

Describe your best experience on stage.
One time a had drunk heckler, I was able to get the audience to cheer for her to leave, including the party of 30 that she came with. Plus her husband stayed for the rest of the show.

What do you like best about the St. Louis Comedy scene?
There’s a lot of talented, hard working people, and they are constantly trying to improve the scene.

We’re typing these questions up in a coffee house.  Is there anything you’d like us to tell the other people here?
If you’re drinking coffee without alcohol, I hate you.

Rank the following  in order of coolness.  Pirate, Ninja, Zombie, Robot.
1) Ninja 2) Ninja 3) Ninja 4) Ninja

Plug something. It’s why we do this.
I’m the co-creator and co-host of Wild Card Comedy.  Check out our open mic, every Wednesday night at The Crow’s Nest in downtown Maplewood.


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