St. Louis Comedy Profile: Jimmy Day

Local comedian, Jimmy Day hosts the Babylon Open Mic every Monday. The room’s a great place to see and perform comedy. If you’re in the area, you should go there.

He’s not related to Doris.

Name / Stage Name
Jimmy Day

How long have you been performing?
2 years

What do you do? (Stand Up / Improv / Sketch / Video / etc)
Stand up

URL / Facebook / Twitter / Instagram

Who are some of your comedic influences?
Bill Burr, Louie C.K., Dave Chappelle, Daniel Tosh, Will Farrell, Jerry Seinfeld, and many more.

Tell us about your worst experience performing in front of a crowd.
My worst experience was the first time I ever got on stage. It was in 2013 at The Funny Bone. I was so nervous that I sped through my “jokes” in 2 or 3 minutes to a silent crowd. Looking back, I was not prepared and terrified so of course it didn’t go well. I kept writing and it took me almost 2 years to get back on stage to give it another shot. My second time went well and I have been at it ever since.

Tell us about your best experience performing in front of a crowd.
Here comes a cheesy but true answer. Anytime that I can make a group of people laugh is pretty great. Whenever someone from the audience or another comic says they enjoyed the show or good set it feels pretty good. I am still looking forward to my best performance as I try to get better at this thing called stand up comedy.

What do you enjoy most about being part of the St. Louis comedy scene?
The scene itself! The St. Louis comedy scene is awesome. With the 2 comedy clubs, showcases, and open mics you can pretty much perform or see a comedy show every night of the week. Most of the comics I have met are really nice and supportive as well.

Pizza vs. Tacos? You can only pick one. The one you don’t pick disappears from reality. Which do you pick, and why?
That is a tough question, but I have to go with Pizza. Pizza is my favorite food. It’s filling, it’s good hot or cold, and it has a variety of toppings. I am also really interested to see what else Pizza Hut will shove into their crust.

If I gave you a time machine that allowed you to visit yourself the day before you decided to start performing, what would you tell yourself?
You’re not ready bro. Watch more live comedy and keep writing jokes. Make sure you are prepared before doing stand up for the first time, but also don’t be afraid to bomb. Maybe this could have shortened the 2 year hiatus between my 1st and 2nd time on stage. I would also slip myself some future Powerball numbers and say in 2017 Donald Trump will become President so try to stop that somehow if you can.

Promote something. Any show coming up? Got a book? Describe your current project. Anything. Self Promotion is great.
I host an open mic at The Babylon every Monday at 8 PM. Located at 4744 Mid Rivers Mall Drive, St. Peters, MO 63376. BOGO on all drinks. GO SEE LIVE COMEDY!