St. Louis Comedy Profile: Ron Finger

Ron Finger is an interesting person. In the St. Louis comedy scene, he’s known for saying some pretty outrageous things, with no fear whatsoever. But, even though he’s sometimes saying the most horrible things you can imagine, he’s smiling so much you’re almost certain to forgive yourself for laughing. This has made him a regular this past year on Helium Comedy’s Wednesday showcases. Especially, their monthly Dirty Show.

Name / Stage Name
Ron Finger

How long have you been performing?
Five years

What do you do? (Stand Up / Improv / Sketch / Video / etc)
Stand up

URL / Facebook / Twitter / Instagram

Who are some of your comedic influences?
George Carlin, Richard Pryor, Eddie Murphy, Dave Chapelle, Robert Schimmel, Steven Wright, Emo Phillips, Sam Kinison, Freddy Krueger.

Tell us about your worst experience performing in front of a crowd.
I was at a bar doing a break for a musician friend. I started with a joke about my dog dying from shooting heroin, and ended shortly after that. I was not ready for the dinner crowd.

Tell us about your best experience performing in front of a crowd.
The Dead Comedy Legends Halloween show at Helium. I picked Sam Kinison. Not being an actor, I was gripped with fear before the show. Run out on stage, start yelling at everyone, a guy in the crowd falls for my trap, and I get to unleash my best Kinison yawp about four inches from his face. All of the other comics were incredible, and the night ended up being one of those moments frozen in time for me.

What do you enjoy most about being part of the St. Louis comedy scene?
The people. The comics in St Louis are the kindest, bravest, warmest, most wonderful human beings I’ve ever known in my life, better than CATS.

Pizza vs. Tacos? You can only pick one. The one you don’t pick disappears from reality. Which do you pick, and why?
Pizza. You can always go to Happy Joes and get taco pizza if you need a fix. Mexican pizza is the best item at Taco Bell, if they created Doritos loco Mexican pizza their profits would be all of the money on Earth.

If I gave you a time machine that allowed you to visit yourself the day before you decided to start performing, what would you tell yourself?
Hugs before high fives, and don’t be Ron Finger.

Promote something. Any show coming up? Got a book? Describe your current project. Anything. Self Promotion is great.
Follow me on Twitter. Retweet everything.

Anything else you want to say?
I love you.