St. Louis Comedy Profile: Ryan Dalton

St. Louis Stand Up Comedy, Ryan DaltonRyan Dalton is a former member of Bare Knuckle Comedy, and he’s the current host of Fitz’s Comedy Night, a stand up comedy open mic that returns to Fitz’s Upstairs Bar in University City on August 18.

Your Name
Ryan Dalton

How long have you been performing stand up?
I’ve been doing stand up seriously for almost 4 years. I took a stab at improv before I committed to stand up. It took a few years of failing at improv to realize that I don’t work well in groups.

Actually, I don’t work well in many situations that aren’t me talking to myself in front of a mirror while I admire my hair.

Who are your biggest comedy influences?
Steve Martin. The Jerk is tops. It’s the only DVD I own. I’ve pawned all the rest.

The Daily Show with Jon Stewart was an addiction for me from the age of 16 until he left the show. Of course, watching that show lead me to love Stephen Colbert.

Standup wise, I’ve always loved John Mulaney, Pete Holmes, and Bill Burr.

Describe your worst experience on stage.
A guy tried to fight me at Nick’s Pub because I said I didn’t like hockey.

This is exactly why I don’t like hockey. The fans have some crazy rage. The sport is fun to watch. The fans can be shit. Some hockey fan will probably read this and try to fight me. The cycle continues.

What’s your best on stage experience?
Hopefully, it’s still coming.

What’s your favorite thing about the St. Louis comedy scene?
How big it has gotten since I moved here. Any night of the week you can catch a show at either the Funny Bone, Helium, or the Improv Shop. However, there are so many independent shows, it’s hard to keep up with. In a good way. There are so many people doing cool stuff and it’s kind of hidden in this forgotten city.

Is there anything you’d like to say to the people sitting in the coffee house where I’m typing up this list of questions?

Rank in descending order of coolness: Pirate, Ninja, Zombie, Robot
Aliens over all of this shit.

Cake or Pie?
Cake… No, Pie…No,Cake… Which answer makes me a sociopath? The opposite of that one.

Plug something. It’s why we do this.
Fitz’s Comedy Night comes back August 18th with headliner Kenny Kinds.

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