St. Louis Comedy Profile: Sean O’Brien

St. Louis Stand Up Comedy, Sean O'BrienSean O’Brien can regularly be found at The Funny Bone when he isn’t touring. Also, if he’s ever visited you, and your internet mysteriously stopped working, now you know why.

Your Name
Sean O’Brien

Performance Art of Choice
Stand Up Comedy

How long have you been performing?
7 years

Who are your comedic influences?
Bill Burr without question. I watched his HBO special in 2005 and knew this guy would be a monster. Other influences are Jim Florentine and Greg Warren.

Describe your worst experience on stage.
Worst gigs are tough because I have so many of them and a bad temper. So when I bomb I want to fight people, even though any human being over the age of 11 could beat the shit out of me.

I’ll go with Hogs and Hunnies in Sedalia, MO. This was a biker bar and a real dumpster fire. They hated me and I think they wanted me dead. I remember I told one guy that I hope his house gets sucked up by a sinkhole. For whatever reason that sent him into a violent fit of rage and the rest of the show was terrifying. I escaped and haven’t been back, and I won’t go back because I’m not an asshole. Lesson learned…stay out of Sedalia.

Describe your best experience on stage.
Best experience on stage? The single best moment would be opening up for Bill Burr and then getting to take him to a Rams game and dinner the next day. Hie did a one-nighter at Funny Bone. Two shows and sold out. I’ve never seen a comic kill so hard in my life. I remember taking him off stage at the second show and the crowd was cheering so loud, I couldn’t her my voice saying his name in the microphone. Some advice he gave me was to be nice to everyone in this business. Even if you hate them, deal with them at the time, and then punch your steering wheel on your way home.

However, fewer things in life make me happier than doing road shows with my buddies.

What do you like best about the St. Louis comedy scene?
Best about the comedy scene in STL? Nobody has been a dickhead to me. Due to my job, I have to work a bunch of night shifts, so I don’t get out to bars shows as much as I would like. So a lot a comics I get to know through Westport, and everyone has been fairly cool. Once in a while a shithead slips though the cracks, but he or she is just bitter that they’re working the trick shift at White Castle.

You have thirty seconds to convince someone to come to a live comedy show, rather than stay home and watch Netflix. What do you say?
That’s a no brainer. Tell them you’ll join them for Netflix at their place. When you get there, “use the bathroom” and by that I mean disconnect their modem. Also, unplug the router and tie them in knots for more aggravation. Then walk back in the room and watch your buddy meltdown because Netflix is in the weeds. That’s when you pounce!!

Tell him, “Hey, let’s mess with this later and go see a real stand-up show.” Oh, also lie and tell him you saw something on the news about a possible maintenance issue with Netflix for the night. Your friend will believe you and they’ll leave the house for a live show.

Rate the following based on your ability to beat them in a fight. Freddy Krueger, The Girl from the Ring, Candyman, Chucky.
I would kick the shit out of all four if Coldplay was playing in the background. (Especially Clocks, that song fires me up). However I would lose to all 4 if the theme from Unsolved Mysteries was playing in the background. If I hear that I’ll get scared and start to cry, then Chuck, Fred and the rest of the crew would damage my face and forehead.

What’s for dinner tonight?
Dinner? McDonald’s fries unsalted. (They have to make a new batch if you demand salt free and they hate it!) Organic carrots with dill dip, 2 Klondike bars, Crystal light because I’m trying to fool everyone.

Promote something. It’s why we do this.
October 6th. Jefferson City. I don’t know the name of the venue because I’m irresponsible and a dummy.

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