St. Louis Comedy Profile: Spencer Tegtmeyer

If you’ve been paying attention to the St. Louis Independent Comedy scene, you’ve noticed a few comics pulling off the hard task of successfully executing short form stand-up.  One liners, puns, zingers, hot takes, and other cute names for material that moves fast and requires you to keep up.  One of our favorites is Spencer Tegtmeyer.

In the past year, Spencer has won first place in both Dan Frigolette’s annual Make Me Laugh competition, and St. Louis Funny Bone’s annual pro-am comedy competition.  Spencer is quickly mastering the art of dropping a quick joke, and letting it hang as the audience fills the gaps with laughter.  It’s fun to watch.


Name / Stage Name
Spencer Tegtmeyer

How long have you been performing?
almost two years

What do you do? (Stand Up / Improv / Sketch / Video / etc)
Stand Up

URL / Facebook / Twitter / Instagram

Who are some of your comedic influences?
Mitch Hedberg, Demetri Martin, Anthony Jeselnik, Louis CK

Tell us about your worst experience performing in front of a crowd.
I was doing the Comedy Smackdown at Helium, which is a show where the audience and some comics with microphones are encouraged to heckle you. You’re supposed to get a minute at the start where no one can say anything, and I did a bit where I read jokes out of a notebook that my Grandpa wrote for me before he died, but they’re all about how gay I am. No one laughed, and thirty seconds in someone heckled, and then Rafe Williams who was one of the “referees” had a comeback for her and i had to stand awkwardly stand on stage while his joke got like a 15 second laugh break. Then one by one everyone heckled me and before i would have time to address one of them a new one would start. I think i told 3 jokes in 6 minutes. That was the first show my sister went to.

What do you enjoy most about being part of the St. Louis comedy scene?
I mean, the whole scene’s pretty great. It’d be hard to pick one thing about the scene over all the other things about the scene that there are.

Pizza vs. Tacos? You can only pick one. The one you don’t pick disappears from reality. Which do you pick, and why?
I would definitely choose to have tacos over pizza. I mean, have you ever tried to have sex with a pizza? It’s terrible.

If I gave you a time machine that allowed you to visit yourself the day before you decided to start performing, what would you tell yourself?
Just BEE yourself.

Promote something. Any show coming up? Got a book? Describe your current project. Anything. Self Promotion is great.
I’m performing tonight, July 14, 2017, at The Baymont Inn and Suites in Jefferson City, Missouri at 8:30 (573-636-5231)

Anything else you want to say?
Like a honeybee. You know, instead of the word “be.” Like when people say “just be yourself,” except instead of that it’s “just BEE yourself.” bzzzzz.