St. Louis Comedy Profile: Tim Convy


St. Louis Stand Up Comedy, Tim ConvyFormerly of the band Ludo, musician and stand up comedian, Tim Convy, currently spends a lot of his time in Los Angeles, where he works on Not Safe with Nikki Glaser. His answers show that his heart is always here in St. Louis, where he manages Mound City Comedy.


Your Name
Tim Convy

How long have you been performing stand up?
Exactly 2 years ago today, I went up at the Westport Funny Bone for the Tuesday night mic hosted by the legendary Bobby Jaycox.

Who are your biggest comedy influences?
Nikki Glaser is the comic I’ve seen the most and the person that pushed me to do stand up in the 1st place. She’s definitely influenced me the most. Chris Rock is my favorite comic. Other than those two, I think i’m most influenced by the comics I work with and do open mics with.

Being able to see how someone develops new material over a week of shows or a month of mics has just as big of an impact on me as watching any comic perform.

Describe your worst experience on stage.
My second time ever hosting, I was late getting Tommy Johnagin off stage on both Friday night shows. He gave me shit – as he should have – and I apologized profusely. Then, I was late to the stage for the first show Saturday. He had the audience boo me – as they should have.

I spent the remainder of the weekend watching every set as close to the stage as possible. I haven’t been late to the stage since. You know, with out like – a really good excuse.

What’s your best on stage experience?
My first time on a real show, and not an open mic, was just 2 months into doing comedy. Nikki let me do five minutes to a sold out crowd of over 400 people on her show in Chicago.

The host (the very funny Tommy McNamara) KILLED and gave me a great intro. All I had to do was survive. I wasn’t good, but I wasn’t terrible. The crowd laughed and it was the best feeling in the world.

What’s your favorite thing about the St. Louis comedy scene?
I know it’s a polarizing place, but I fucking love The Funny Bone. It’s where I first did comedy. It’s where I met most of my friends in comedy, and it’s where I’ve seen multiple mind-blowing comedy shows that I’ll never forget.

The place itself has as much personality as most comics, and the staff is typically as entertaining as anything on stage. Admittedly it’s got some rough edges, but to me there’s something uniquely St. Louis about that place. Love it or hate it, it’s completely genuine and to me, that makes it a great place for comedy.

Is there anything you’d like to say to the people sitting in the coffee house where I’m typing up this list of questions?
It’s too late isn’t it? (If it’s not, please just angrily shout that.)

Rank in descending order of coolness: Pirate, Ninja, Zombie, Robot
I’m 36 years old, Chris.

Cake or Pie?

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I have a handful of St. Louis shows coming up that aren’t announced yet
Instagram – @timconvy @tshirtproblems
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