St. Louis Comedy Profile: Wild Card Comedy

Wild Card Comedy hosts Wild Card Wednesday Night Comedy every Wednesday Night at The Crow’s Nest in downtown Maplewood. It’s a comedy open mic where hosts JC Sibala and Chris Cyr encourage comics to incorporate various challenges into their sets.

Show Name
Wild Card Comedy


Describe what you do.
We’re a weekly stand up comedy open mic hosted by JC Sibala and Chris Cyr, with drinking games and comic challenges incorporated into the show.

How long have you existed?
2+ years. Our first show was at The Blind Tiger (RIP) in July 2014.

Who are your biggest influences for what you do?
Jameson is probably our biggest influence.

Describe your worst performance/show experience.
Our venue is near Washington University, so we sometimes get well meaning college kids full of alcohol in the audience. One night, one of our comics asked if anyone wanted to sit “Indian Style” in front of our stage. That offended a woman who was barely paying attention to the show, who started yelling “Not okay!” and “That’s racist!”

The comic, who wasn’t trying to be offensive, apologized and tried to move on after the woman screamed out her objection. But the audience member would not drop the issue. She demanded to be heard.

After the comic was done, JC came on stage and reminded the audience member that yelling at the stage is unacceptable. To which the blondest, whitest, person we’ve ever seen, yelled out to our half Filipino co-host, “I’m a quarter Cherokee! You don’t know what it feels like to have your culture made fun of!”

It set the tone of the evening and the next few comics had to deal with her before she left.

Don’t yell out during a show. Wait until a comic is done. Then find them and tell them how terrible you think they are.

Describe your best performance/show experience.
Our show incorporates The Wild Card Circle of Death into the evening. It’s a deck of cards where each card represents a challenge a comic must complete. Some are easy, some are hard. But they almost always create memorable moments.

Among our favorites is “Get Lifted,” where a comic must perform their own material in the style of another comic. We usually mean for them to do a famous comic, but Andrew Mihalevich recently drew this card and did a brilliant impression medley of St. Louis comics.

It was great and it was just one of many brilliant moments to happen on our stage, which is made of beer pallets.

What do you like most about the St. Louis Comedy Scene?
We have a lot of great people who aren’t afraid to take chances with their material. That makes open mics fun to watch.

You have 30 seconds to convince a group of traveling salespeople to come to your show instead of heading to a Buffalo Wild Wings for all you can eat hot wings. What do you say?
Can we convince them to get their order to go, instead? Maybe they can bring us a dozen wings before the show starts. It’s ridiculous how much we enjoy hot wings.

Plug something. It’s why we do this.
Join us every Wednesday Night at The Crow’s Nest, 7336 Manchester. Comic sign up is at 10. The show is at 10:30.