Locally Produced Shows

St. Louis Independent Comedy Scene

The local independent scene produces a lot of great stand up comedy shows every month. Some of these shows have been running for a several years.  They allow St. Louis audiences a to watch local talent develop, as well as a chance to see touring comics passing through the St. Louis area.  Many of these shows are in intimate venues and are free or have cover charges more affordable than a traditional comedy club.

Support St. Louis Comedy

All The Feels

Angela Smith hosts this  storytelling show. Storytellers share embarrassing, funny, or poignant tales of their youthful indiscretions, while filtering them through the lens of experience. Check out the show’s Facebook page for more info.

Bare Knuckle Comedy

Bare Knuckle Comedy is the longest continually running comedy troupe performing in St. Louis.  In addition to traditional stand up shows, BKC produces shows ranging from live podcast recordings to sketch shows.  Hit them up on their Facebook page for more info.

Coffee Break

Yale Hollander hosts this monthly showcase combining two things he loves, coffee and comedy. Yale provides a line up of funny local and travelling comics. Furthermore, part of the proceeds of each show goes to charity.

Fatal Bus Accident

Amy Milton, Stryker Spurlock, and Jeremy Hellwig, host this show while Jon Venegoni serves as band leader. FBA features stand up, special guests and sketches, as well as a non-talk show. It’s hard to explain, but worth experiencing.

Funny Bone Wednesday Showcase

Local showcase at the oldest comedy club in the area.  Booked by Max Price.

History Shmistory

Local comedians perform as historical figures in this monthly show.  Contact Christian Lawrence for more info via the show’s Facebook page.

Impolite Company

Impolite Company” is a daily radio show/podcast that produces a monthly stand up  showcase for adults at The Crack Fox in downtown St. Louis. Host Chris Cyr encourages comics to perform material that’s darker, dirtier, or even weirder than what they would perform in a club setting. Also, $2 of each admission goes to Planned Parenthood.

Live Comedy DVD

This monthly show, produced by Brandon Judd, presents stand up acts with bonus features, including “Deleted Scenes,” “Director’s Commentary,” and “Concept Art.”

 O’Fallon Out Loud

Shaun Arredondo originally started this monthly showcase at Rendezvous Cafe & Wine Bar.  When he moved away, he hand-picked Andy Hamilton to continue the tradition. Each month, Andy brings a headliner, a feature, and assorted guests to a cafe setting where patrons enjoy a club style show while sampling a great selection of food and drinks.

Sorry, Please Continue 

A cross between The Moth Radio Hour and Mystery Science Theater 3000, “Sorry, Please Continue” is a storytelling show where a panel of comics and guests provide insight and humor while interrupting guest storytellers. Kenny Kinds and Jeremy Hellwig host the show with a different guest panelist each month. Check out their Facebook page for opportunities to be a storyteller on this show.

We Are Live

Podcast, radio hosts, and live event producers, We Are Live is an active member of the St. Louis scene, curating a weekly comedy night at Southtown Pub in South St. Louis, featuring their own produced showcases, and other locally produced shows every Thursday.

Your’s, Mine, & Ours

Meredith Hopping and Sam Lyons host this showcase at The Heavy Anchor (5226 Gravois, St. Louis, MO 63116)  every third Thursday of the month.  It’s a great mix of new and established comics, and features the antics of the co-hosts who definitely aren’t related.

More Than Stand Up

There are a ton of comedy related projects going on in the St. Louis Comedy scene.  There’s improv, there are talk shows, variety shows, podcasts, and sketch comedy.    This is just a small sample of what’s going on.


Part sketch, part stand up, part video, all funny.  Boondoggle is a live comedic variety show written and performed entirely by Aaron Sawyer and a rotating guest comedian.

Drunk & Nerdy

Celebrating all things nerdy, Drunk & Nerdy is a podcast dedicated to exactly what it’s name implies.

Rock Paper Podcast

Do you like St. Louis comedy? Do you like St. Louis music?  Shane Presley interviews both as part of his regular podcast.  Take a minute to check out this great look at the creative scene in St. Louis.

Shut Up During The Movie

Every month, Michael Allen and crew view a “classic” movie at The Heavy Anchor while providing live commentary.

 Sketchpad Comedy

Sketchpad Comedy produces monthly sketch shows in the St. Louis comedy scene.  Got an idea for sketch? Want to write? Want to act? Contact them.

The Catalogue Podcast

The Catalogue is written, performed and produced by Joshua Evans, Christopher Melton, Ross Martin and Marissa Sedmak.

The Improv Shop

Whether you want to learn the craft or watch others practice it, The Improv Shop in St. Louis’s Central West End is the place to go.  Classes on everything from sketchwriting to scenework, and of course, improvisation.