O’Fallon Out Loud Comedy

O’Fallon Out Loud returns Saturday, June 30th with a spectacular lineup of comedy featuring the winner of the “Funniest Person in St. Louis” competition….the hilarious Rafe Williams!

Joining Rafe on the the show will be Impolite Company host Chris Cyr, Rich Braun, and Andy Hamilton

Seating is limited so please call Rendezvous Cafe & Wine Bar for reservations @ 636-281-2233

The Week Before Holiday, and All Through the Town – Shows 12/14 – 12/17

From tonight, through Saturday, we have a ton of shows you can go to that will keep your mind off of all that holiday shopping you still have to do.  From open mics to showcases, St. Louis Comedy has you covered.

Go to a show! Go to every show! Finish your shopping on Amazon while sitting at the bar waiting for the jokes to start.  Be a human being with purpose.



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Comedy Tonight – 8/10/16

St. Louis Comedy, August 10, 2016

St. Louis Comedy, August 10, 2016One of the problems a lot of comedy scenes deal with is the tension that exists between the local comedy clubs and the comics who put on DIY shows around their city.  St. Louis is lucky enough to have three clubs comics can get work in, and who aren’t antagonistic towards indy shows.  Not only that, all three have regular open mics and showcases that only feature local talent.

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