Upcoming Show: Mom Show! 5/13/17 at Blueberry Hill

Kelsey McClure returns to #STLComedy with Mom Show! at Blueberry HillNot too long ago, the only comprehensive source for information about upcoming comedy shows, and the St. Louis comedy scene in general was a site called Comedy in the Lou, run by local comic and Fitz’s Open Mic founder, Kelsey McClure,  until she left St. Louis.  Now, she’s back after wandering the Earth for a couple of years, and she’s bringing a unique show to Blueberry Hill.  

Take a Second to Be the Third to March Fourth: Shows 3/3-3/4/17

It’s a dumb pun, but it correctly expresses our desire for you to see a live comedy show this weekend.  Starting tonight.  There are so many choices, you might have an anxiety attack.  You know, that feeling when you’re presented with so many choices that your chest tightens and your vision starts to tunnel?  Your breathing speeds up and gets shallow.  Your body temperature increases.  You feel like you’re going to faint.

Then you remember, it’s just comedy.  No one’s going to die if you don’t choose their show. So pick the one closest to you. Or the one your friends will be at.  Or throw a dart at your computer monitor and see where it puts you.

Hey, St. Louis! Comedy is in the Air! – Shows for 10/21 & 10/22

weekend-of-10%2f21It’s exactly 10 days until Halloween! You’ve been working diligently on your costumes.  You’re sick of pumpkin spice (which is weird, because pumpkin spice is pretty rad). The thought of the Cubs in the World Series is making you crazy.  And, the presidential election makes you want to cry. What is a St. Louisan to do?

Go see one of these shows and cheer up!