Give Thanks – Show Roundup 11/20 to 11/26

Hey! It’s that time of year where families all the country are thankful for oppression.  Eh, we can’t get that dark.  We’re just happy to be a part of thriving standup comedy scene in St. Louis.  Feast your eyes on all it has to offer this week.

Don’t forget to check out the Open Mic List to see up-and-comers and standup veterans at the popular price of free!

Back to the Grind – Show Roundup 11/13 to 11/19

We’ve only got a few shows to feature this week, but as the amazing turnout for Flyover Comedy Festival this past weekend shows, St. Louis Independent Comedy is very much alive and well and getting bigger!  The festival featured local St. Louis comedians and national names from all over the country. The shows were packed, the audiences entertained, and the comedians are all hungover. Keep your fingers crossed for a second year!

Don’t forget to check out the Open Mic List to see up-and-comers and standup veterans at the popular price of free!

Laughter: A Great Substitute for Healthcare – St. Louis Comedy Shows 10/16 to 10/22

The destruction of government-subsidized healthcare got you down?  Not to worry. St. Louis comedy has got you covered with all the laughter you need.  Our doctor could be lying, but she says laughter is the best medicine.  What’s that on your leg?  You should get that checked out!

In addition to all of the great open mics you can find listed on our Open Mic List, we’ve got national headliners of all kinds to check out.

St. Louis Comedy

Spring Comedy Has Sprung, Hon – St. Louis Comedy Roundup 3/20-3/26

Temperatures are rising, globally on average and not just seasonally, meaning baby squirrels flit across the street dodging your damn cars, chirping birds take their revenge from above, and St. Louis comedy shows are in bloom!  You know what they were doing months ago.  Our St. Louis comedy shows were getting it on and ’tis the season to see those baby comedy shows birth new jokes into the fresh Spring air!

Of course, most of the St. Louis comedy shows happen indoors at night, so none of that sunny stuff if happening.  Unbearable heat is on the way and you can prepare for it by coming to a show in an air-conditioned venue!


A Solid 20 Comedy Show

A Solid 20 Three #STL comedians show off their skills performing feature-length sets! This month’s show features: Brandon Judd (Helium Comedy Club – Saint Louis Host) Sarah Bursich Kenny Kinds (Sorry, Please Continue) Hosted by Eric Brown (Hootin’ and Hollerin’ Comedy Open Mic) Tickets available online or at the door. Online sales active soon. Doors