Galaxander / Ted Dangerous at The Improv Shop!

On opening night of Flyover Comedy Festival, we welcome two former house teams of The Improv Shop to reunite on stage with their friends for one night of play.

$8 | Tickets coming soon

Ted Dangerous
Ted Dangerous was the second Improv Shop house team packing the house regularly from 2010 – 2012. Comprised of Chicago-trained improvisers, their style was fast, witty, and chaotic. They have even have a beer named after them at The Improv Shop: The Ted Dangerous A.P.A. The cast is John Langen, Kevin McKernan, Eric Christensen, Katie Nunn, Andy Sloey, and Steven Vance.

Galaxander is a magical house team of The Improv Shop. Galaxander is the first president of the universe. Galaxander is both the future and the past, and he/she/it is brimming with teaminess.