St. Louis Comedy - SLIC Spring

Comedy Shows 9/17 through 9/24

We’re coming off a heavy weekend in St. Louis, we hope you come join us for a laugh, if only for one night. It’s a pretty light week when it comes to the usual hustle and bustle of St. Louis comedy, so rest up, exercise your rights, and then come out to a show!

In addition to all of the great open mics you can find listed on our Open Mic List, we’ve got national headliners of all kinds to check out.

St. Louis Comedy - SLIC Spring

Comedy Shows 9/11 through 9/16/17

Every year, this is one of those weeks where everyone needs a laugh.  St. Louis Comedy is ready for you.  In addition to all of the great open mics you can find listed on our Open Mic List, we’ve got a slew of laughs waiting in venues across the city.  Here’s what you can look forward to.

St. Louis Comedy

Erin Go Barf – St. Louis Comedy Roundup 3/14-3/19

We’re in the run-up to that fateful day where green beer and pissing as close to a parade as possible without people knowing becomes commonplace in our fine city. It’s that weekend where calls from drunken exes and your friend Shelly, you know the one, happen in the afternoon instead of the dead at night where they should be. Of course, now you can experience a surge – a surge in Uber pricing!

Before all that happens, get ready for the weekend and have a laugh with the great St. Louis comedy shows happening this week.  Be entertained and don’t forget to wear green!

The Week Before Holiday, and All Through the Town – Shows 12/14 – 12/17

From tonight, through Saturday, we have a ton of shows you can go to that will keep your mind off of all that holiday shopping you still have to do.  From open mics to showcases, St. Louis Comedy has you covered.

Go to a show! Go to every show! Finish your shopping on Amazon while sitting at the bar waiting for the jokes to start.  Be a human being with purpose.



Hey, St. Louis! Comedy is in the Air! – Shows for 10/21 & 10/22

weekend-of-10%2f21It’s exactly 10 days until Halloween! You’ve been working diligently on your costumes.  You’re sick of pumpkin spice (which is weird, because pumpkin spice is pretty rad). The thought of the Cubs in the World Series is making you crazy.  And, the presidential election makes you want to cry. What is a St. Louisan to do?

Go see one of these shows and cheer up!

St. Louis Comedy Profile: Chris Cyr


ChSt. Louis Comedy, Stand Up Comic, Chris Cyrris Cyr feels a little weird filling this questionnaire out, since he’s the one posting these.  He feels like he should divulge this information to you, but couldn’t think of a really entertaining way to do that.  He co-hosts Wild Card Wednesday Night Comedy, and runs Impolite Company, a monthly adult comedy show in downtown St. Louis.