St. Louis Comedy, Sorry Please Continue

Watch Out Los Angeles, “Sorry, Please Continue” is coming for you.

Looks like St. Louis’  hybrid storytelling/comedy interruption hour is going Hollywood.  With regular shows in two cities, appearances in Memphis, Brooklyn, and others, and now this excursion to Los Angeles, “Sorry, Please Continue” is racking up the frequent flyer miles. Congrats to show creators, Kenny Kinds, Jeremy Hellwig, and Kris Wernowsky.   Read their write up

St. Louis Stand Up Comedy Jeremy Hellwig

St. Louis Comedy Profile: Jeremy Hellwig

St. Louis Stand Up Comedy Jeremy Hellwig

Photo by Allan Crain

Jeremy Hellwig is a stand up comedian with a habit of starting non-stand up shows. He’s the co-host, along with Kenny Kinds, of Sorry, Please Continue, a story telling show, and he’s part of the collaborative team behind Fatal Bus Accident, a talk show. His next project is probably some type of court room reality show. Who knows?

Jeremy gets bonus points for answering most of our questions twice. Also, note how he works in either plugs for his projects, or his partners on those projects, into his answers. That’s marketing.