Flyover Comedy Festival Performer Profile: Jon Venegoni

Over the next two weeks, we’re going to show you some of the great performers who’ll be walking the boards of the stages in The Grove for Flyover Comedy Festival.

This morning, have a cup of coffee with Jon Venegoni. Jon has been a mainstay of the St. Louis Comedy scene, both in comedy clubs and on the independent scene, since 2010. He’s one of the creative powerhouses behind, Fatal Bus Accident and has opened for the likes of The Sklars, Greg Fitzsimmons, and John Witherspoon.

What are you looking forward to most at the festival this year?

The pie eating contest! Is this questionnaire a good place to suggest that we have a pie eating contest?

When/where are you performing at the festival?

Fatal Bus Accident on Thursday at Improv Shop and then I’m hosting a showcase on Friday in the small room.

Give us your social media information!

Twitter @jonvenegoni
Instagram @jonvenegoni

It’s Halloween season, so……did you wear a costume? What was it?

Yes-I was Cat Jesus. I had an old Jesus costume and some cat ears and one thing led to another.

Do you even lift?

Yes- I’ve been lifting spirits every day my whole life. (Editor’s Note: Awwww…)

Plug something. Commerce will save us all!

You’re going to love Fatal Bus Accident this time. Come check it out.

See Jon and all of the other comics joining him at Flyover Comedy Invasion November 8 – November 10 in the Grove.  Wristbands for the entire festival are on sale now.  Buy yours today!