The Week Before Holiday, and All Through the Town – Shows 12/14 – 12/17

From tonight, through Saturday, we have a ton of shows you can go to that will keep your mind off of all that holiday shopping you still have to do.  From open mics to showcases, St. Louis Comedy has you covered.

Go to a show! Go to every show! Finish your shopping on Amazon while sitting at the bar waiting for the jokes to start.  Be a human being with purpose.



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Three Mic Wednesday! – 10/19/2016

2466c353-5177-427e-9e63-1e4d6f29812eThere’s no shortage of stage time tonight.  There are a total of three open mics you can go to as a performer, or as just an audience member.  You’re not a true comedy nerd if you don’t check out the up and comers of your local scene.  And, if an open mic isn’t your bag, we even have a show you can check out.

Stop being such a homebody.  Wednesday is the new Friday!





improvThe Improv Shop Open Mic (The Improv Shop – 510 N. Euclid, St. Louis, MO 63108)  – Want something early?  Want something that mixes improve, stand up, musical comedy, character work, and other forms of comedy?  Then you want to head to the Central West End for The Improv Shop’s Open Microphone.  This mic only happens once a month, and the combination of a great venue and talent make this a fun show for all involved. Hosted by Rafe Williams and Bobby Jaycox. The show starts at 8pm.

parrotsParrot’s Open Mic (Parrot’s Bar & Grill, 2951 N. St. Peters Parkway, St. Peters, MO 63376) – Hosted by Andy Hamilton, Parrot’s Open Mic has quickly become a comic favorite.  Food and drink specials, an attentive audience, and comics who really try to bring their “A” game each week make this fun for both the audience and the participants.  Show starts at 8pm.





wp-1471961511924.jpgWild Card Wednesday Night Comedy (The Crow’s Nest, 7336 Manchester, St. Louis, MO 63143) – Hosted by JC Sibala and Chris Cyr (or at least one of them), this weekly open mic is the best way to finish off a Wednesday.  Every week features either a game or a selection of challenges that comics can participate in to help broaden their writing and stagecraft skills.  There’s also some drinking.  And by “some,” we mean “Geez! It’s only Wednesday, folks!”  Show starts at 10:30pm.




fancyFancy Things with Zack Stovall (Blank Space, 2847 Cherokee, St. Louis, MO 63118) – If you don’t want to risk an open mic, Zack Stovall is back with this month’s installment of Fancy Things.  The show is very fancy and features art, drinks, and stand up comedy.  $5 at the door.  Show starts at 7:30pm.






You already know who you’re voting for.  Go see something you’re actually supposed to laugh at, not just something that makes you laugh.

What’s a Cardinals Fan To Do? – Shows 10/15/2016


For the first time in the 150 year history of St. Louis, there is no baseball in October.  How does a city with such a rich and deep emotional connection with its number one sports team console itself  when presented with the unfairness of a universe where that sports team doesn’t have a post-season pageant of athleticism to cheer on?

That city goes out to comedy shows and laughs its rear end off!

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Comedy Tonight – 8/10/16

St. Louis Comedy, August 10, 2016

St. Louis Comedy, August 10, 2016One of the problems a lot of comedy scenes deal with is the tension that exists between the local comedy clubs and the comics who put on DIY shows around their city.  St. Louis is lucky enough to have three clubs comics can get work in, and who aren’t antagonistic towards indy shows.  Not only that, all three have regular open mics and showcases that only feature local talent.

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