Louis CK Is In Town This Week

ComedyWeek81The biggest comedy news in the city is that Louis CK is performing at The Scottrade Center Thursday night.  Sure, that’s cool, but you’ll have to sit with 20,000 other people in a venue where you’ll barely be able to see him without the aid of a giant video screen.  It’s like being in your living room, with more expensive beer and nachos.

St. Louis Comedy Drunk and Nerdy

St. Louis Comedy Profile: Drunk & Nerdy

St. Louis Comedy Drunk and NerdyDrunk & Nerdy is a mixed bag of entertainment.  They have a podcast. They have a live show. They have pub crawls, and other real world events.  No matter what they’re doing though, they focus on the two things they’re best at, getting hammered and being geeks.

(Editors Note: Hammered & Geeky is actually a totally different podcast and has no affiliation with Drunk & Nerdy.)

St. Louis Comedy, Sorry Please Continue

Watch Out Los Angeles, “Sorry, Please Continue” is coming for you.

Looks like St. Louis’  hybrid storytelling/comedy interruption hour is going Hollywood.  With regular shows in two cities, appearances in Memphis, Brooklyn, and others, and now this excursion to Los Angeles, “Sorry, Please Continue” is racking up the frequent flyer miles. Congrats to show creators, Kenny Kinds, Jeremy Hellwig, and Kris Wernowsky.   Read their write up

Starting tomorrow, St Louis Comedy profiles.

St. Louis is full of comedic talent.  Stand up comics, improv comics, podcast hosts, writers, and other performers keep our scene fresh and exciting.  Our goal for the rest of this summer is to start highlighting some of that talent by introducing you to the people you’ll see on local stages, the people you can