It’s Saturday, Who Needs Clothes

This event made it in after we posted our weekly line up of events, but it’s a good one for you to check out. ¬†Micaela Mohr and Sammi Cheeseman bring another round of burlesque and comedy to The Haunt in south St. Louis. ¬†Details here.


Live, Nude, & Rude!

By popular demand, “Live, Nude, & Rude” is back with even more tits!!! We’ve got some wild doozies coming at you with burlesque, bellydance, comedy, and some music, too! *gasps* Strap on your party hats and check out the sexiest show in Saint Louis!! $7 cover, cash bar.

Bitchin’ performances by: Katzia St. Patience Fontaine, Blyre Cpanx (Blaire Hamilton), Clara Climaxx, D’Vine Riot (Sammi Cheeseman), Amiayah (Amanda Lathrop), Cuvi (Nicholas Cuvar) , JC Sibala, Angel Kircher, Jon Maddy, Chris Cyr, and a little snippet by Micaela Mohr.