The Week Before Holiday, and All Through the Town – Shows 12/14 – 12/17

From tonight, through Saturday, we have a ton of shows you can go to that will keep your mind off of all that holiday shopping you still have to do.  From open mics to showcases, St. Louis Comedy has you covered.

Go to a show! Go to every show! Finish your shopping on Amazon while sitting at the bar waiting for the jokes to start.  Be a human being with purpose.



St. Louis Stand Up Comedy, Tina Dybal

St. Louis Comedy Profile: Tina Dybal

St. Louis Stand Up Comedy, Tina DybalTina Dybal is active in both the local stand up and improv scenes. She’s a regular on showcases at Helium – St. Louis, and is the co-producer of Two Girls. One Mic., along with Emily Hickner.

Tina recently became an American citizen, just in time for the fall of American society into a dystopian chaos.