Coffee Break

The July Coffee Break features a diverse quartet of comics with something for everybody. Join host Yale Hollander as he welcomes Aaron Sawyer, Micaela Mohr, Rob Tee and Jeremy Hellwig to the Foam stage for an evening of outstanding comedy.

As always 20% of proceeds go to Grounds for Health.

School’s Out Comedy Showcase

School’s Out Comedy Showcase on Friday, June 22nd in the Emerald Room at the Monocle at 8pm.

Join Monocle High School’s Vice Principal Yale Hollander as he hosts this end-of-the-school-year assembly featuring sendoff lectures from your favorite faculty:

Shop Teacher – Christian Lawrence
Gym Teacher – Ella Fritts
English Lit Teacher – Amy Milton
Social Studies Teacher – Jon Venegoni
Spanish Teacher – Chris Cyr
Health and Hygiene Teacher, School Nurse Tina Dybal
Music Teacher – Mimi Le Uke

Take a Second to Be the Third to March Fourth: Shows 3/3-3/4/17

It’s a dumb pun, but it correctly expresses our desire for you to see a live comedy show this weekend.  Starting tonight.  There are so many choices, you might have an anxiety attack.  You know, that feeling when you’re presented with so many choices that your chest tightens and your vision starts to tunnel?  Your breathing speeds up and gets shallow.  Your body temperature increases.  You feel like you’re going to faint.

Then you remember, it’s just comedy.  No one’s going to die if you don’t choose their show. So pick the one closest to you. Or the one your friends will be at.  Or throw a dart at your computer monitor and see where it puts you.

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