Ten Questions from “Fancy Things: LIVE!”

Tonight at The Improv Shop, Zack Stovall (co-producer and co-host of St. Louis Public Radio’s local Story Collider events) presents the latest edition of “Fancy Things: LIVE!”  We were recently having lunch, when Zack was trying to explain the show to us.  Halfway through his explanation, we stopped him, asked him why he was at our table, and told him to fill out the questionnaire we emailed him earlier.

What follows is the result of that questionnaire.

What’s the name of your show?

Fancy Things: LIVE!

Is the show on social media? Where?

Facebook:  Facebook.com/FancyThingsByZackStovall,

Twitter:  twitter.com/FancifulTweets

Instagram: instagram.com/fancigram.com

That’s an interesting name.  What kind of show is this?

It’s part stand up, part art gallery, part etiquette consultation seminar in which I tell you all of the ways in which you are unFancifully disappointing me.

C’mon…you can do better than that.  Really sell us on it! Billy Blanks style!

Have you ever suffered from a lack of civility? A withdrawal of manners? A dearth of sophistication? No cummerbund? MY GOD. Well, this is the event for you to get some good old fashioned Fancy learning in with Fancy Things: LIVE!

Fancy Things: LIVE! is the live comedy/art show accompanying Zack Stovall’s book, a collection and thorough documentation of extremely Fancy objects*, along with constructive means by which one could make their entire life, belongings, and yes, even personal philosophies, Fancier.*

*By putting them all in tuxedos.

But fear not! This will not be a roughshod shouting of philosophy by a bald man in a fine silk shawl! There will be music! Entertainment! And art!

Much better.  We might come to that.  Depends on who’s performing though. So, who ya’ got?

This month features Jeremy Hellwig, Angela Smith, and, back by popular demand, local artist Christopher Melton.

What on Earth inspired you to do this?

When I was a young and hopelessly unFancy lad, my dear father took me into his beloved workshop. This was the place in which he gave me all of life’s most important lessons: don’t run in untied shoes; always tip your barber; never order more enchiladas than you can eat in a single sitting, because they never keep. You know, standard father-son rearing.

This day was different. There was a tinge of grandeur in the air. This day, he quietly dressed me in my Sunday best (on a Saturday, no less!), ushered me into his workshop, and sat me down on his grand, comforting lap.

“Son,” he spoke knowingly. “There are three lessons that I pray you never, ever forget.

“Number one,” he almost whispered, connoting the gravity of what he was about to tell me, “You can never be Fancier, than when you are wearing a TUXEDO.


Inline image 1

And that was it.

From that day forward, my father’s important life lessons were imprinted, nay, engraved, on my brain. My life was irrevocably changed for the Fancier. I began walk taller in a fine pair of shiny black shoes.

I became a resident expert on French cuffs and their subsequent links. The tight grasp of a firmly tied black bowtie began to make my breaths stronger. The loving embrace of a fine, fitted cummerbund made my cummer bund.


When we asked the question, we didn’t know we were going to get a film pitch.  Well played. This clearly isn’t your first event.

The art and subsequent book have been in the works for four years, but we’ve been doing live shows for a year now.

Alright, we’re sold.  When and where should the limo drop us off?

ThursdayAugust 24. Gallery opens up at 7pm. Show kicks off at 8pm. Sacrifice of the unFancy begins promptly after the lighting of the Fancy fire becomes hot enough to consume a human, which will be lit at 9:30pm.

A group of time travelers from the year 3535 would like to know why they should visit your show, instead of taking their planned trip to ancient Pompeii?

Because some time travelers are, likely, traveling to temporal destinations that have much more stringent rules about Fancy attire, like the Renaissance, the Roarin’ 20’s, or any future in which I am allowed to rule. All of these are vastly preferable to being consumed by the flames of Pompeii. You just can’t time that.

That about sums it up.  Thanks for answering our questions.  I think we’re done here.

I hope everyone comes to this show and all subsequent shows and that we can all, one day, be the Fancy we wish to see in the world.

We said, “We’re done,” Zack.  Stop typing.

See Fancy Things: LIVE! at The Improv Shop.  While there, check out The Shop’s upcoming shows.  They’re packing a monster schedule in their new space.