Upcoming Shows: “Putting of the fRitz” @ Hey Guys on 5/3

Continuing with our May preview,  Jamie Fritz has a new monthly showcase at Hey Guys Comedy  in Fairview Heights, Illinois.  “Putting on the fRitz” plans to bring a lot of great local comics to the Hey Guys! stage.

We asked Jamie to take a minute from preparing for her weekend opening for Richie Holliday at Hey Guys (her set is being recorded at the late show Saturday night) to give us just a little more information about the showcase.  The showcase premieres Wednesday, May 3 at Hey Guys and features:

Tim Convy – Who you can hear every morning on 96.3 FM.
Angela Smith – Who you can see tonight at The Monocle as part of Mimi’s Giggle Box.
Stephon Hightower – Who you can see tonight at The Crack Fox on Impolite Company.
Shannon Yarbrough – Who’s opening at the same club for Fortune Feimster later that week.

Is this going to be a regular thing?

Puttin’ on the fRitz (I thought that was a fun name) will be a monthly showcase on the first Wednesday of every month.

What can fans expect from the comics in your lineups? Do you have a particular philosophy in grouping comedians?

I am interested in giving comedians a chance to perform longer sets and really challenge their material,  so we can see them grow towards their goals. I will focus on variety and diversity in the line up. Every show will have a kaleidoscope of perspectives.

You have a great lineup for this first showcase. They’re all funny comics, but if you dropped them in the woods with no weapons, who be the last comic left alive?

That’s a tough one! I’m going with Angela Smith as the last “man” standing. I think she could mimic being weak well enough to get Tim and Stephon to take out Shannon. Then, Tim and Stephon would have it out.

Whoever is left – let’s face it – have you seen Angela’s evil serious eye brow? She’s got this!