And the winner is…Ella Fritts!

Maria Bamford caused a comedy hurricane in St. Louis yesterday when she posted this challenge to Twitter:

The race was on, as comics from St. Louis, Springfield MO, Columbia MO, and across the midwest submitted videos.  We watched them as they were posted and one thing was certain, we did not envy Ms. Bamford’s task of choosing a winner.  There were a lot of great videos from some of our favorite comics.

Ms. Bamford actually chose two winners, and as we very subtly hinted in the post’s title, one of those winners was none other than Ella Fritts.  (We wrote a profile of Ella this time last year.)  We weren’t with Ella when she found out, but we asked her if we could pretend we were.

Holy Crap! How do you feel right now?

Very very happy! You know when you’re inebriated in your preferred way, really hungry, and find a bag of gummy bears in your purse? It’s like that. Is that too niche?

When we last talked to you, you listed Maria Bamford as one of your major influences.  When did you know you were a fan?

When I was in 8th grade, I started watching Comedy Central half hours. I think I saw hers the summer before my freshman year?? She blew me away! I didn’t know that style of comedy was allowed! Have been eating up alt comedy ever since.

Is this the biggest gig you’ve had? Do you have a plan for preparing for it yet?

Far and away. The closest thing I’ve had to a big gig like this is when my Harold team, Danger Club, was formed. To prepare, I’m going to do a set during The Bunker at The Improv Shop  (August 4 – Details to come here.). It’s a great room where I can be flexible, but I’m going to do the most strict 15 I can manage. Ya bish got indie cred, but I’m frequently bouncing off the walls.

You time travel back  to 4 years ago and tell yourself this is happening. Do you believe yourself? (We’re obsessed with time travel.)


Catch Ella opening for Maria Bamford at the Pageant on August 5 for Hunger Is No Joke.  Hayden Kristal, from Columbia, MO, also won a spot in the line up.  The show benefits St. Louis Area Foodbank.  We’ll have a full profile of the show next week as part of our AUGUST COMEDY ROUND UP!!!!! event.